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New Stage Idea for Smash: Banzai Bill Mountain

My stage ideas for Banzai Bill Mountain

  1. SmashChamp
    These are my stage ideas for a Mario Party Island Tour stage.

    Base Idea: It would be a medium stage, there would be dual long track on the top and bottom with two Banzai bill cannons. there would be small thick platform with a button. Landing on the button would switch the cannon the bullet bill would fire. There will be green spaces on the tracks that switch between Green and Banzai. Stepping on a banzai space would fire a banzai bill. The Banzai Bill would go fast and deal around 37%. It would knock anyone hit to the space that changes the position the Banzai fires.

Recent Comments

  1. esco tanner
    esco tanner
    Cool idea! We can totally have fun on tat stage!XD