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Newb problems

Just questions about the site..if you kno the answer please respond it will be much appreciated

  1. Largoe818
    One thing that i need to kno is how does posting get me points? I've been on this all day on my status and still have zero points.I need to figure this thing out soon. What is the best way to get points in your opinion? And what advice can u give this newb that you would of wanted when you barely started? Common people points I need points

Recent Comments

  1. Rattus rattus
    Rattus rattus
    Play Coins can be easily earned by yes posting in the forums where they talk about things Nintendo . By writing about 3-4 lines you should get like at max 3 pc . I don't think you get points for making threads but by replying to them . You can also get by entering contests or selling , etc

    Hope that helps :)
    1. Largoe818
      Blogger's Response
      Yeah it does thanks man. Quick question if I am trying to talk to just one person on a post with multiple user in it how do I tag him so they kno I'm talking to just him and not everyone else if that makes sense