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PERFECT score in Duck Hunt: Dog Kill!

This is one of the many moments I've been dreaming of...

  1. OopaMazo

    Indeed, it's true. I finally pulled a perfect four-triple-zero! I shot and killed all'uh those darn dogs, all twenty of 'em, all in a single round. It was so easy for me too, but it certainly wasn't in the past. Back in the good ol' days of 3 and a negative 1/2 months ago, I set goals for this here game of Duck Hunt. My first goal started with gettin' to 1,000 points; 5 rowdy dogs! Once I met that goal, I shot for 2,000 (no pun was behind mah motive ;)). After that goal was reached, I went for 3,000. Now the three-triple-zero was no laughing matter. Them meddling dogs pop up from the grass in random locations, so shootin' 'em was not your average glass of coke. I had to use mah eyes as well as mah hand to quickly rush led into their orange fur coats. They're the fastest and stupidest animals I've ever had the self-privilege'uh huntin' down. It took a while, but I made it to 3,000. Now where do I even begin with 4,000? Hmm... I guess you can say that I broke this here final goal into sub-goals, cuz mah final aspiration was nowhere near tangible for me at that time. Mah sub-goals consisted of thirty-two-double-zero, thirty-four-double-zero, thirty-six-double zero, and thirty-eight-double-zero. Overtime, I gradually obtained these sub-goals, but it was no sleeping buck in your front yard! Hours upon hours were mindlessly put into this progression of mine. Maybe: four, five hours, to say the least? You could also say that I was addicted to shootin' dogs. Mah last sub goal was the extra two-double-zero; also known as the maximum score. I tried and tried to get it, but them dogs were too dang quick! That's when I decided to give up for a little while. :(

    Believe me, them dogs were still on mah mind. Well, at least for a good month, then I forgot about 'em. All of the upcomin' gamin' lingo doo-hickeys made me lose sight of mah prize. However, one of them gamin' lingo doo-hickeys was called osu! (pronounced "awss"). This here gamin' lingo doo-hickey helped me to increase mah speed as well as pullin' mah finger back at the right time and spot, though it had nothin' to do with shootin'. It's amazin' what only five days of playin' a game can do to you.

    After playin' osu! for hours on end, I decided that it was time to once again try to shoot down all twenty of them mutts. And you know what? IT ONLY TOOK ME TWO TRIES (that compared to two-hundred with no success). The shootin' is finally over, y'all! I won! Ain't nobody gonna beat mah score now, cuz it ain't possible! :p

    And don't worry, I'm not planning on talking like that on any more of my blog posts for a while. xD

Recent Comments

  1. Artisan
    Hehe. The poor dog is now dying to laugh but alas he's just a piece of coding and nota "real" cartoon dog. I had some trouble when I first tried playing the game but I had better aim if I looked directly through the top tip of the Zapper (as if there was a scope/crosshairs on it). It's certainly a neat game for casual fun and I'm glad you like it. I'll be sure to run if you happen to be a cop.