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Pokemon : 25 years later

Fanfict on pokemon 25 years into the future

  1. Arcanine
    Hi guys and thanks for reading this, this is just a short message on what it's about. This fanfiction is the characters 25 years now which means most characters would be roughly 35. Oh here are the jobs or roles of all the characters :
    Ash - Electric gym leader
    Misty - Water gym leader
    May - Contest announcer
    Drew - Top coordinator and a massive celebrity
    Dawn - Teacher
    Paul - Sinnoh & Kalos Champion
    Jessie & James - Have dropped out of team rocket and are now running a day care

    All the characters are also married and also have children.
    Ash & Misty :
    Ashley Ketchum
    Simon Ketchum

    Drew & May
    April Hayden
    Angle Hayden
    William Hayden
    Andy Hayden

    Dawn & Paul :
    King Shinji
    Rocko Shinji
    Lolly Shinji

    Jessie & James (IDK James' last name so I made it up)
    Annie Victory
    Parker Victory
    Casey Victory

    Chapter one will be out sometime in the future.

Recent Comments

  1. MasterofBasics
    OMG!!! That is VERY good! Its kinda funny, but 25 years in the future, they get married. WOW that is like LOL! What if it actually happened in the anime? That would be weird. I give this 5 stars for the funniness! (^o^)
  2. 3dsatackman
    :P thats kinda cool
  3. Robbie
    Lol, good :thumbsup: