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Pokemon OR AS Special Demo review

review of the special demo for pokemon or as

  1. SpikeTheHedgehog
    Pokemon OR AS are quite the hyped remakes, with good reason. Remakes of some of the highest praised pokemon games would be popular, of course. Nintendo decided to release an official demo of the content in the games. As a player of it, I decided to review it. WARNING! THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE DEMO! IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILERS SKIP TO THE LAST PARAGRAPH!

    `As it starts, its a very good show of the graphics. Starting you off flying on a Latios with your dad, Steven. You cannot name your character, however, as you are stuck with the name Orlando throughout the demo. As soon as you land at your destination, Mossdeep City, you are thrown into a conversation between Team Aqua grunts and the resident scientist. Personally, a good touch to get you into the action. They challenge you and Steven to a battle, and Steven gives you your choice of the first evolution of Torchic, Mudkip, or Treecko. Once chosen, the battle begins. The graphics, in my opinion, improve greatly here. Once they are defeated, it is revealed that they are searching for a Mega Evolving pokemon. Orlando and Steven then fly to the island Team's Agua, and Magma, are searching for the pokemon on. Once the teams are fought through, you are allowed to catch the mega evolving pokemon for yourself. Now I'm not sure if its set permanently as a Glalie, or if its random. However, whatever pokemon it is, you can send it to the full game once (Or if) you buy it. After completion of the demo, you can play it multiple times indefinitely, thus setting it apart from other demos. You can be given more rewards for multiple completions, such as pokeballs, heal balls, and Heart Scales. After this, you have all the rewards possible. But you can still complete it multiple times. Once that is done, you may continue completing it, but with no more rewards.

    All in all, 7/10. A very good demo. It shows off graphics, plot, and gameplay. If you can, try to get it off the Eshop. Just to try it out.

Recent Comments

  1. gabeserrano11702
    great review :D
  2. PersonSP
    Lol, "your dad, Steven". Anyway, nice review. ;)
  3. Robbie
    Good but a few mistakes.First they give you 2nd evolution of the starters.2) Steven is not the player's dad :P. 3)Its Glalie in NA and Steelix in JAP. 4) Its team Aqua :P .Anyway, Nice Job :thumbsup:
  4. D4rkDragon
    Steven isn't the player's dad in R/S/E/OR/AS.
    Other than that, your review is relatively good, so I'll give it a 4/5
  5. Spinnerweb
    It's a very good review for a demo. There are some tiny snags in sentence continuity, but I think you'll get better if you keep writing :)
  6. writesout
    So why do you need to do a review of the demo when there are reviews of the full game?
    1. SpikeTheHedgehog
      Blogger's Response
      Well, it's my first idea. And I don't have the full game yet. But I'll probably review HeartGold or White version next
  7. GameKing288
    I really think you hit the nail on the head with this review buddy. Good job.