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Pokemon White Version Review

A review of Pkmn White

  1. SpikeTheHedgehog
    Pokemon White version. What all can really be said about it? It's Pokemon. Same basic formula, with several additions to make it better. I'll be discussing it and rating it here. WARNING! THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS! IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILERS SKIP TO THE LAST PARAGRAPH!

    Pokemon White begins in an all new region, just as all sequels to Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green have. You are started off in Nuvema town, in the Unova region, where you are introduced to your mother, best friends(which is surprising how the main character has to be told who they are!), And Prof. Juniper, along with your starter Pokemon. You get to pick your starter right off the bat, and they are Snivy, Oshawatt, and Tepig. Once you pick your starter, your best friends, Bianca and Cheren, choose theirs. You battle them both, and it messes the room up. Your mother says it's ok and then heals your Pokemon. Once it's healed, you visit the professor, who gives you the pokedex and does basically what every other professor in the series does. After she gets you started in the game, you see Team Plasma for the first time, who explain some details of their goal. Which is Pokemon liberation(Which is also a complete hypocrisy and lie). Once they are done, you are confronted by your rival, N. He talks like a friggin maniac and apparently has studied Pokemon language in his insane ideas. However he understands Pokemon, as he thinks he does, is beyond me. Cause all they freakin say is their name. But I'm getting off topic. Once he is defeated, he leaves, to make the world "better" for his "friends." The story progresses with you earning badges and Team Plasma recurs multiple times, each more hostile than the last. Once you pass the Elite 4 and go to challenge Alder, the idiots attack again, preventing you from claiming your place as champion. However, upon getting to the last of the Team Plasma ship, you are rewarded with one single chance to catch Zekrom. Most use their Master Ball here, which is obtained earlier in the story. After catching/fainting Zekrom, Ghetis reveals his true plan to take over the world. Once he is defeated, N leaves as leader of Team Plasma. And the credits roll. Once that is done, you can challenge the elite 4 again, to truly become the Champion you've strived to be. However it is now freeplay mode. But that's enough of the story. Let's talk about gameplay. It's typical Pokemon turned base gameplay, but unlike previous titles in the series, the sprites are animated. Which improves it a lot to me. The new Pokemon that were added are... Well, meh. Really they aren't all that special. The starters were cool but the rest weren't exactly up to par. Plus there's getting to be way too many legendaries. I think there's enough by now. But I guess nintendo thinks otherwise.

    Based on myplay-through, I give it a 8/10. It keeps the classic gameplay of Pokemon, a pretty good story, but it lacks in good additions to the already gigantic roster of Pokemon in my opinion.


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Recent Comments

  1. Spinnerweb
    Good review. Only a few points I would like to give advice about:

    - There's no need to explain the story beyond an overview because people considering the game wouldn't read the review then for fear of spoilers.

    - You should divide it into paragraphs to avoid the 'wall of text' appearance.