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Pokeumans: Chapter 30

"Some of us work our best under pressure" ~Becky Kagan Schott

  1. Aura Knight
    Chapter 30

    Later that night, Andy woke up to an alarm going off in his backpack. He had set the alarm so that he and Kyree could get some rest before going after the gear and whatever legendary may be guarding it. He silenced the alarm and stretched as he sat up.

    “Oh hey, Kyree! Let’s get up now. We’ve got that adventure to go on.” She sat up and rubbed her eyes.

    “Huh? Oh yeah, let’s…” She took a breath to yawn, “…let’s go now.” They tried their best to wake each other up as Andy grabbed his bag and they left the door. Because nobody was awake, he didn’t bother putting her in his bag. They left the hotel without any conflict. As they went out into the beach, Andy saw something amazing in the water.

    It was glowing and it had tiny blue dots riding the waves. They were glowing in an amazing way that looked like something out of a fictional story.

    “Woah…what is that?” Kyree asked.

    “Well, I…I think that must be some plankton that’s glowing in the waters at this time of night.”

    “Wow, that’s pretty!”

    “Sure is.” They proceeded to walk, now being guided with the light of the plankton. Andy began searching for the aura trail and directed Kyree with him. Soon they arrived at the spot Andy had to stop at earlier that day. The trail penetrated the water and sunk below the floor. “This is where the treasure is. I can’t go any further.”

    “Oh, really? I can help you out!”

    “How so?”

    “I’ll swim and you can hold on to my shoulders! When you want me to go left, just move me to go left, right move to the right, down lean on me, and to go up for air just pull me back!”

    Smart kiddo “Alrighty then, let’s give that a try.” They walked into the water until Kyree was about at shoulder length. Andy bent down and held onto her shoulders as she dived in the water, where he kicked off to go after her and not be an extra load.

    Beneath the water, all sound was drowned out. He could hear Kyree’s tails spinning rapidly to traverse the water. He began to track the aura trail, and he saw a bright green trail light up the otherwise dark ocean. He steered Kyree around to get to where they needed to go, occasionally going up for a breath of air. When Andy saw the trail taking a sharp turn down, he tried to push her down to it, but instead she began swimming up.

    “What? What’s wrong?” Andy asked when they broke the surface.

    “It’s solid ground down there. I can’t get through there. Sorry.”

    “Don’t worry about it, let me think…okay, how about you help me out?”

    “What do you need?”

    “I’m going to try to bust open the rock. Only trouble is I can’t see that far down, but you can. Will you guide my aim to the rock?”

    Kyree seemed to give it some thought before nodding her head. “Yep! Okay!”

    Andy plunged his arm into the water and charged up an Aura Sphere. Kyree got underwater and started to change his aim. First she dragged him over to a spot, then adjusted his arm a bit. When she gave the OK, Andy fired the sphere. He heard a small boom under the water, and a little suction trying to pull him under the water before it stopped. Kyree came to the surface.

    “Wow! That was so cool! C’mon, let’s keep going!”

    What an energetic little lass He thought they once again plunged into the water. It seemed to darken as they further down, but at a rate far too fast to have been depth change. Andy realized that they were inside an underwater tunnel. They kept exploring deeper and deeper into the cave until Kyree made a pull upwards, and he came into contact with dry, cold air.

    He took a deep breath as he came to shore. Strangely, Andy’s body was suddenly taken over by some ancestral instinct as he was rapidly shaking, drying his fur out not unlike the common house dog. It felt weird for him to do it with his human mindset, but it surprisingly felt good, almost like an itch that he never knew was there until it was scratched. Kyree jumped out of the water.

    “Hey, it worked! I was afraid the pressure would get you, but it looks as if you got it good.”

    Andy nodded and turned towards the cavern entrance. It was dark and spooky, but after going through the hidden depths of his mind Andy didn’t feel as phased about it.

    “Okay, let’s go.”

    They walked down towards the large, gaping hole. Andy chuckled; now would be a good time to have Claire whip out her stick and light the way, only this time she and everyone else were gone. Andy’s laugh ceased when he realized that he may have seen the last of his friends that day. Dead or not, Andy had to keep going.

    No crying ‘till the end, just like Kyree.

    Soon they approached a dark blue wall that could be best described as pulsing. There were bubbles inside of it and it made some noise water would make underwater.

    “…So what do we do now?” Kyree asked. Andy didn’t answer when he realized that the solution was elementary. He stuck his paw through and sure enough, it came into contact with the water. Soon he was walking through the wall and came out the other side.

    The cave was absolutely beautiful. The crystals inside were in a fantastic range of colors and shapes, and the water was glowing in a nice greenish-blue, almost similar to having pool lights going off underwater. Andy liked how similar it was to the area where you battle Kyogre in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, but the large crystal pulsing with energy wasn’t there, no cave off to the side was present, and it was just a straight path surrounded by water that led to a Time Gear.

    Kyree walked through the bubble wall as well and gasped.

    “Wow, is that the treasure?! That’s so…pretty!!” She proceeded to rush towards the Gear and began pulling it off.

    “Kyree! Don’t touch that!!!

    Before Kyree could do anything, a pillar of water suddenly burst and smacked her into the water. Andy felt bad for giving a sigh of relief when it happened, but if Kyree had pulled out the gear the whole operation would have been a bust, and they would have been frozen in time for all eternity. It wasn’t hard for Andy to decide that it was a more favorable solution to fight legendary after legendary rather than suffer a doomed forever.

    Suddenly the cave was filled with a roar, and a large shape jumped over the land bridge. It was a Kyogre, but Andy noticed something very peculiar about its eyes. He didn’t even need to feel the aura to know that this legendary was deeply afraid of something; troubled, in fact.

    The legendary dove back into the water. Andy was anticipating some kind of speech about finally finding the time gear or whatever, but it never came. Heck, it didn’t even close the water wall they came through. It broke the surface, released a barrage of Origin Pulse, and then dove back into the water. Then, Andy barely dodged and Ancient Power move that was sent his way. What made Andy surprised was that it wasn’t attacking as if it were protecting something, it fought like it was about to be eaten by some unknown predator.

    “Leave me alone!” It screeched, “just go away and leave me alone!!” It wailed and disappeared back into the water. Kyree joined Andy, but she was just as confused as he was. Clearly, this legendary of phenomenal power was scared of something.

    “What should we do now?” Kyree asked.

    “We need to tire it out so we can talk to it. Try using some moves!”

    Kyree jumped into the water and used Pursuit as the Kyogre swam towards Andy. He used Aura Sphere, which made a quick turn into the water and disappeared down into the water. Andy could hear Kyogre growling in the water. It leaped up and shot an Ice Beam at Andy, and then spun around and used Ancient Power on Kyree, who was flown upwards when Kyogre surfaced.

    “It’s no good! All that adrenaline is giving him so much energy and endurance!” Andy said, although more to himself than to anyone else. “Kyree! What other moves do you have?”

    “Uh, let me see here, Aqua Tail, Agility, and Rest.”

    “’Kay, let’s try something.” Andy fired another Aura Sphere into the water, causing the Kyogre to jump up and prepare for a move. Andy recognized that he was going to use Sheer Cold.

    “Kyree! Do it!” The Buizel jumped forwards towards the Kyogre with her arm stretched out. She soared until she landed on its face.

    “Sleep!” She cried. Sheer Cold stopped charging, and Kyogre lazily flopped into the water. After some time, it broke surface, and it was breathing very hard. The effect of Rest on a hysterical Kyogre may not have been enough to get it to sleep, but it was definitely enough to get it to calm down, even for a little bit.

    “What do you two want!”

    “We wanted to get the Time Gear, but you were freaking out to the point where you became our top priority.”

    “Oh. Well…thanks?”

    “Tell us; why were you upset?”

    The Kyogre seemed to look to the side a little bit as he thought of what he was going to say.

    “Well, I was guarding this place, just like I’m supposed to, but then something strange started happening. Soon I was hearing bad voices telling me what to do. I started losing sleep at nights because of all the hallucinations I had. I fought them off until…well, I guess you could say I…no, it’s just-”

    “I think I understand now. The massive freak out you had kinda gave us the hint of what happened next. You don’t need to worry anymore.”

    “It’s not just that. All of my friends, the other legendary guardians, all went…blank and empty, you know what I’m saying?”

    “Yeah…” Andy thought back to the previous legends. They all seemed like they were in a trance of a sort, but this Kyogre was the only one that was fighting them. That would make this legendary probably the most sane that Andy has met so far.

    “And I’ve been cooped up in this cave for…I dunno how long! I never get hungry, or thirsty, or bored, I just feel pain. I can’t get out of here and I really want to!”

    “Your situation reminds me of one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes, ‘Five Characters in Search of an Exit’, but that’s beyond the point. Golly, that sounds like a hell on earth if I’ve ever heard one.” At that statement, Andy realized that Kyogre began to be increasingly anxious as he kept talking, so he needed to calm Kyogre down. “What if we could help you out? If you let us have the Time Gear, can we help you out?”

    “Well, you seem nice, but I don’t think there’s a way for me to come out. Go on, take it! I don’t care anymore.” Andy stepped up to the gear and extracted it. He took out his Time Gear case and looked inside. Now he had six Time Gears. It felt very strange to see that he now had two missing spots instead of seven. He slid the gear in its place and returned it into his backpack.

    He stood up and looked around the cave. There was no way Kyogre could fit through the way the two of them came in. They’d have to carve a new way out, but He didn’t know how. Then, Andy remembered what went on in his head. He had to have defeated himself in a way not even he could’ve anticipated.

    That’s right, the Aura Storm! But wait, wouldn’t that mess me up so much more than it did in my head? Worth a shot.

    “Okay guys, stand back,” Andy said. Kyree and Kyogre obeyed. Andy began to calculate how effective it would be to fire the beam and from the best possible way. They would’ve been several meters below the shallow ocean floor, so they’d have to carve a tunnel that gave Kyogre the water it needed to get out. With an unsure resolve, he dove into the water and began charging the Aura Storm. With the amount of concentration replicated in real life, he aimed the beam at an upward angle and fired. It carved a deep tunnel through the rock. Andy could see water spilling in through the tunnel, which he was relieved to see as that meant he hit the water above. He moved over and shot the beam once more, creating the tunnel to be big enough for Kyogre. It was tiring, but as soon as he finished that tunnel he grabbed on to one of Kyogre’s fins, who had darted out of the tunnel as soon as the way was clear. Kyree also hung on as they went for a super-fast ride.

    Soon the Kyogre stopped swimming, and the two bobbed their heads up for air. They were out, and Kyogre was looking at the stars. While not an uncommon sight for Andy, it looked like everything in the world for Kyogre. All the stars and the wonderful stream of the Milky Way provided a sight the legendary had probably never seen before. Andy could even hear a gasp of astonishment.

    “Wow, you guys did it! Thank you!” Kyogre turned to the both of them. “What will you do now?”

    Andy thought of that for a moment. He needed to go get the other gears, but he wasn’t sure about what would be the best way to do it. Good time to take chances.

    “I need to go to Skellig Michael over at Ireland, but I have no idea how to get there.”

    “I can probably help. With my speed you can get there in about 2 days! What about you, Buizel?”

    “Where’s the nearest base?” Kyree asked. “You should be able to know where things in the ocean are. Can you tell me where to get to the nearest underwater base?”

    Kyogre closed its eyes. Andy could tell it was searching, maybe with a sonar not audible for any ear but Kyogre’s. It opened its eyes and said “Straight on that way. But it’s really, really far away. Won’t you like me to take you there?”

    “No. My base was fallen victim to a mass murder by an evil person. I want to be strong and make it to the next base by myself so the people that died won’t be forgotten.”

    “If that is what you feel to be a wise decision, then there are no objections.”

    “Thank you.” Kyree patted Kyogre and gave a hug to Andy before she dove into the water. Andy saw a splash of water before an orange object swam away at very fast speeds.

    “Alright Andy, hold on.” Andy got onto the legendary and braced himself as Kyogre swam away at fast speeds, the wind helping to dry Andy off from being so wet. It was just like being in a motorboat, but with more speed the fear of flying overboard and being left behind were close to nonexistent.

    Andy couldn’t help but to look up at the skies once again. Now that there were no trees to obstruct his view, he had the perfect view of a place far beyond his reach, where anything could happen in the vast expanse of space.

    Andy began to feel plenty drowsy, so he laid down and closed his eyes. It was a little hard to get used to the ocean spray, but Kyogre seemed to slow down a little to give Andy an opportunity for an undisturbed sleep.

    An opportunity he so eagerly accepted.

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