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Pokeumans Chapter 9

Man, I'm on a roll aren't I!?

  1. skydancer121
    “…and this is the movie theater, where we have pretty much any English movie you can think of.” Blake pointed to a room down the hall.

    “So, you have Book of Life?”


    Singing in the Rain? Cats? Maze Runner? Hairspray?”

    “Yep. Love that show. All three of them. And we even have the original non-musical version.” I smiled. Those were all my favorite movies/musicals. Now I knew what I wanted to do in my spare time.

    “Cool! I really need to re-watch some of the old classics. It feels like it’s been forever.” I remarked and we walked past. I smiled at the thought of watching Cats again. The style was so unique, I was sure Fortis would think it was just as amazing as I did. Wait, where did that thought come from?

    “I take it you like some of the old stuff?” Blake pulled me out of my reverie and I smiled.

    “Oh yeah. Some of the new stuff is all about blood and swearing and young love and it makes me sick. What about you?”

    “I like the action movies. My favorites are the horror movies. I just like the jump-scares that everyone expects but still jump anyway. We should watch one sometime. Ever hear of a movie called ‘The Sixth Sense’?” I shook my head. I was kept mostly in the dark about everything as a child, and being older and having no friends didn’t help me to stretch my wings.

    “Aw man. Then you’re really missing out.” We walked in silence for a little while before the base’s bell rang, signifying the end of Dinner.

    “I’ve got to go. Coach Loch wants me to get some extra training done to make up for some of the times I couldn’t participate.” I moved to go back down the hall we came from when Blake grabbed my arm.

    “Why didn’t you participate? And don’t give that ‘I’m new’ crap. I know that’s not the reason.” I attempted to pull away, but Blake’s grip was strong.

    “Let go of me.”

    “Or what? You’ll fight me? I don’t think you have the guts. If you think Salazar was tough, then you obviously haven’t seen me angry or determined.” Blake’s voice dropped to a low growl. My rebellious side sparked at the challenge.

    “Is that a threat?” I glared at the Treeko. He smirked, making me more uneasy than I thought I could be.

    “Only if you don’t intend to give me the information that I want.” He pulled me into a separate room and locked the door behind him. It was the room with all the movies for the theater. I immediately dropped into an offensive position and growled.

    “My room-mates will notice if I’m gone for too long.” I snarled. Blake simply laughed.

    “They’ll have to notice first. Now tell me, what’s your secret? Why do you refuse to fight?”

    “I’ll fight you right now!” I lunged at him, but he dodged.

    “Now why didn’t you use a move? Are you afraid?”

    “I’m not afraid of you! Don’t antagonize me and then refuse to fight back!” I shouted, picking myself off the floor. I hated this guy more than I hated Salazar, which was saying something.

    “I’m not refusing to fight back; I’m refusing to fight you in the way that you want to fight. I challenge you to a proper Pokémon battle.” I froze. A Pokémon battle? I can’t fight this one. But I can’t back down. I need Vulpi. Now. I pulled myself out of my thoughts and growled.

    “Fine, but I get to name the time and place. Three days from now, in the training gym, friends only. Don’t think I didn’t figure out you were with Salazar this whole time.” He had the decency to look surprised I had figured it out, but he recovered quickly enough to smirk and unlock the door.

    “I look forward to seeing you there, Forza.”


    “I look forward to hearing about how strong you’ve become over these last few years.” Her father smiled, but it did nothing to assure her that he was harmless now.

    “You can hear about it at my funeral. I thought I made it clear I never wanted to see you again.” Forza growled. Kaden shook his head in disappointment.

    “Oh Forza, I thought I made it clear you couldn’t run from me when I can easily find you. Get in the car. We’re going home.”

    “What home? ‘Cause I can assure you our definitions on the word ‘home’ are completely different.”

    “That is no way to talk your father. Go get in the car.” Forza folded her arms across her chest, making her position clear.

    “I’m 18 now. You have no jurisdiction over how I live my life. I have a home. I’m going back to class. Go back to the grave I dug for you five years ago.” She turned to leave and Kaden grabbed her arm.

    “I’m not going to ask you again, Blue.” She turned back to her father, her face the perfect combination of shock and fear.

    “H-how do you know about that?”

    “I know a lot of things. Get in the car.”

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  1. Aura Knight
    Aura Knight
    So wait, what's the deal with the Treeko? Is this supposed to be a friendly challenge or a Pixar-esque character twist?
    1. skydancer121
      Blogger's Response
      Pixar. Like Lotso from Toy Story 3.