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Another scary story by TriforcePit

  1. TriforePit
    There's a man who lives on the street near my house

    He's always there

    Whenever I look

    He's there

    He usually carries a stick for defense In case someone comes to steal his stuff

    He also hardly ever looks at my house

    My windows are always open

    So I'm glad he doesn't look

    But today

    He doesn't have a stick

    And he's staring at me

    It's been six hours

    He hasn't moved

    Like usual

    But the erry thing is

    He's still staring at me

    I don't know much about this guy

    Except that he lives in the street usually has a stick and hardly ever looks at me

    Today, like I said, is complete differ

    Instead of his ever present stick

    He has a knife

    How did he get that knife?!

    Knives were banned from our community early last year

    If you are seen with a knife

    You're arrested on the spot

    But here he was

    In the middle of my street

    With an illegal weapon

    And nobody even notices

    He's still staring at me


    I- I ... I swear he was there!

    I swear I'm not crazy!

    He was there!


    Why is my door open?


    I scream

    "Get away from me!!"


    He comes closer

    His knife in one hand

    My arm in the other

    He tugs me off of the couch I was sitting on

    And then every thing goes black as a throbbing pain goes through both my eyes

    I can't see

    Another throbbing pain jabs my back

    I hear blood drip onto the floor

    The pain

    It's excruciating

    "Be our Queen"

    I scream again

    He stabs my throat

    I can't scream now

    I can't take this pain anymore

    He lets collapse

    I feel the blood seep


    'What does that mean?!'

    I wonder as the world...



    The end.

Recent Comments

  1. Spinnerweb
    Disturbing. Eek.

    All I could think of when I read the title was the rock band Queen. "Buddy you're a young boy, make a big noise, playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day..." :P
    1. TriforePit
      Blogger's Response
      ;) I guess you figured out one of my favorite bands, then. I'm glad someone got the reference.
  2. WeeHee123.herb
    Although this wasn't as gorey as the last one, you shouldn't have based him on me. Even if I hit those boys with a stick...