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The Crazy Man and a Boy

A scary story written by TriforcePit

  1. TriforePit
    There was once a dude who ripped people open and ate their organs like noodles.

    Then, he would eat their hearts like a brownie or cake.

    Then he ate their teeth like candy

    Then he would eat babies for dessert and drink their blood for milkshakes

    Then he would take their dried up skin and put it on himself like clothes

    He had a full closet of dead skin in the shape of humans. Everyday he would wear a different person.

    His house was filled with medical equipment for tearing them apart.

    Legend has it, if you go to his medical house, you can still hear the laughter of the crazy man as he ripped people open.

    Legend has it, you could also still hear the innocent people screaming.

    One night, a little boy found the crazy man's house in the woods.

    The boy went inside.

    He heard the screaming and the laughter.

    He loved it.

    He kept going back to that house.

    Until one day...

    He found an old book in the crazy man's house.

    It was instructions on how to rip people open.

    He read the book.

    And learned the secrets.

    Then one day...

    He decided to try out his newfound tortures.

    He found some innocent children playing at a park.

    When their parents weren't looking...

    The crazy boy would take the little children into his "toy house."

    They were really excited because the crazy boy had decorated the place like a circus.

    The children went into the house.

    Blood splattered.

    The End.

Recent Comments

  1. GerudoWarrior
    Poor children D:
    1. TriforePit
      Blogger's Response
      Ikr?! :/ I'm evil
  2. Slowpoke
    I love dat story XD
    Its like every ridicolous Death metal song in one XD
    1. TriforePit
      Blogger's Response
      XD thank you so much!
  3. Spinnerweb
    It is definitely very scary, and the way it's written like a poem makes it even more frightening. Good work.
    1. TriforePit
      Blogger's Response
      Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear that you hits like it!
  4. rawrrie