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Reasons why a person uses the Shoutbox

At least 2% of the reasons xD

  1. OopaMazo
    There are many reasons as to why users on 3dspedia use the Shoutbox. A portion of them are listed below:

    1. To talk...
    • with other users
    • about what they did
    • about what they are doing
    • about what they're going to do
    • about their life
    • about how they are feeling (physically, emotionally, shulkally, ect.)
    • about anything related to anything
    2. To complain...
    • about their life
    • about other 3dspedia users
    • about Nintendo
    • about the weather
    • about anything else on their mind
    3. To post pictures...
    • they think others would enjoy
    • to the point where others will tell them to stop
    4. To post links...
    • leading to a YouTube video/song
    • leading to a forum or blog they just made
    • that other people are reluctant to click on
    5. To ask...
    • how everyone is doing
    • how a specific user is doing
    • a question concerning anything
    • for advice
    • if anyone wants to Smash
    • if anyone wants to play AC:NL
    • if anyone wants to play FL (sometimes forgetting to specify DLC or non-DLC)
    • if anyone wants to battle in Pokemon X/Y or ORAS
    • a specific person if they want to play one of the above or something else
    • for a person's FC (which they can easily get from the user's profile)
    • how to earn playcoins (despite the site telling them upon signing up)
    • for playcoins
    • for Club Nintendo codes
    • for eShop codes
    • for other users' emails
    6. To spam...
    • with pictures
    • with emotes
    • with CAPS
    • with nonsensical sequences of letters, numbers, and or symbols
    7. To escape...
    • from reality
    • from responsibility
    8. To roleplay

    9. To get cuddled by Faith :hug:

    10. To advertise

    Of course there are a ton of other reasons, but these are the main-ish ones. If you have any other reasons in mind: share. Maybe I will add them up there. ^^^ :p

Recent Comments

  1. SmashChamp
  2. Pok_E 16
    Pok_E 16
    well sadly i ask faith for a cuddle an im probaly the only person that doesnt get cuddled bye her dont know why but i agree with all of those i also use it to ask people to play games with me
  3. Derplink_:3
    This is exactly what the SB for, also I think people should go outside and do something fun or hang out with friends. But anyways I'd say very precise xD
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      Being cooped up in a chair, looking at the SB is can take its toll.
      Oh, and precision is key lol.
  4. paceygym
    lol so true
  5. Earth2543
    so true lol
    but i think yoj cant advertising in SB?
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      Haha yep.
      Ah, that is also true! :D
  6. spagooti
    i don't cuddle just anyone ._.
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      Why not? You could get some PC out of it! xD
  7. rawrrie
    LOL nice... I agree with Gerudo xD
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      Gerudo knows all too well.
  8. GerudoWarrior
    The shoutbox is made entirely for Lovuria to cuddle people
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      I can't agree more! xD
  9. blinboy
    Too true.
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      Indeed. xD
  10. Nanamine
    Most of these should be prohibited, 10/10 -Erixsan