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SSB.for3DS: Maining Wii Fit Trainer

Train that character!

  1. OopaMazo
    I have been stretching my fingers using Wii Fit trainer for the past couple of days now. At first she seemed like a horrible character to use in smash battles, since she is somewhat slow in comparison to other fighters without the aid of equipment; especially some of her Circle Pad+A moves. However, as with any character in the Super Smash Bros. series (even Jigglypuff), she is able to be mastered. It just takes time, skill, and a plethora of combos to pull off mastery! Knowing your opponent as well as their predictability can also help with mastery.

    Wii Fit Trainer's move set is pretty good, being that she's never been a character (let alone a fighter) until now. Although I find her initial Down+Special to be a bit time consuming and unnecessary. On rare occasion is it really helpful. Other than that, the rest of her moves are fine. Utilizing these moves to create combos and techniques is extremely tough, but doable. Speaking of moves...


Recent Comments

  1. SmashChamp
    I didn't see this until after I mastered her ( with the aid of a book )
  2. Faithy
    She looks fat ish in that animation. Is that bad considering she's a Wii fit person
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      It all goes to the hips, even exercising! xD
  3. 3dsatackman
    Good job I like using wiifit trainer also (lets battle wii fits sometime :) )
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks! Yeah, she's a challenging and fun character to use. I concur, we should battle (and do some stretches). :)
  4. Artisan
    Wii Fit Trainer takes precision to master (like Marth I think he/she has sweetspots on their moves). Even yoga needs to be precise after all. His/her down tilt can also be very useful for dodging attacks. Keep up the work. :)
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      Those words are true, especially when applying them to Wii Fit Trainer's Up+A move. It's very hard to get people with.
  5. Marc
    I know all too well how good she is on the battlefield. I played someone who used her effectively and got my butt kicked in the early days of the game haha. I suck with her though .-.

    PS. Looking forward to battling your Wii Fit Trainer someday :P
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      My Wii Fit Trainer is not even at par yet, so you might be able to beat her lol.