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  1. MLGirby
    Ah, long range. The epitome of troll. Characters like link can spam it all day with fireballs,arrowas,pills, and the like.

    How do I counter if I use a close range main like lucario?!

    Rolling? There's a boomerang or that cape.
    Dodging? Haven't mastered it.
    Switch mains? Never,at least not until mewtwo comes out.

    What to do? I have no idea.

Recent Comments

  1. Gary Johnson
    Gary Johnson
    nice blog
  2. Artisan
    Well when facing Rosalina I use Olimar and damage everything in sight. Mostly Rosalina to be efficient. The Pikmin slowly eat her soul away... Yes I hate that with every character and most recently ROB, so with the Gyro you can grab it and throw it back at him, but with arrows and bombs and boomerangs all you can do is A) Projectile war B) jump and then use air attacks (which is what I do against all evil) or C) Be a martyr and hope you get a better opponent after you leave their dirty soul forever.
  3. D4rkDragon
    Try Shulk once, and use his Vision attack. Maybe it won't be effective against arrows, but it might work on pills and fireballs, as well as the cape or the boomerang, since those are physical attacks.
  4. Icemario
    Jump and then get in their face. :>
  5. Spinnerweb
    Spam back, I say :3