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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD: My Struggles

Frustration at its finest...

  1. OopaMazo
    First off, I want to say that I've never played Wind Waker in my life until the other day. I am currently playing through the remake of the game open minded, so I must figure out each and every challenge that comes my way.

    With that said, my first real challenge for me was when I reached Windfall Island, and to be quite truthful: I was kind of PO'ed when I was taken from the Forsaken Fortress by that dumb bird. At Windfall Island I wandered in circles, unable to figure out where I was supposed to go in order to find a sail. After what seemed to tally up to 6 HOURS (I know...) I finally managed to get a sail by first freeing Tingle and then finding a pictobox. I was so happy (as anyone would be) when I finally got the sail. So happy to the point where I decided to do some of the side quests on the island before departing.

    My next obstacle was the Dragon Roost Cavern Boss Battle. Apparently, this boss battle was problematic for a lot of people, which is understandable because your first guess wouldn't be to look up at the ceiling when you enter the boss room; you're more concerned with the giant scorpion-like monster in front of you than with a Dragon tail sticking out from the ceiling.
    Game over, after game over -- my frustration was growing. I then had to look up how to defeat the boss. I was at relief once I defeated him.

    (Wherever I get stuck next I will add on to this blog)

Recent Comments

  1. ThunderagaYoshi
    Here's a tip... if you're ever stuck at a boss, you might want to use whatever important item you got from that dungeon, or if that's not the case, always look for a weakness in said boss.
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      Right, I realize that now. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Spinnerweb
    Ah, the frustration of being stuck in a game - you described it perfectly; the feeling of relief when you get past it! I try to not look up how to defeat bosses and stuff, but if I'm really stuck (I was once on Tomb Raider Anniversary) and I do look it up, it's such a relief when one gets past it.
    1. OopaMazo
      Blogger's Response
      I too dislike looking up the answers, but I became desperate at one point lol. I think that the relief is much more significant when you don't look up the answers than when you do.