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The Mysteries Mall Gathering, Chapter 5

Now we have some hyped guy named Jeff with us :D, now what's going on with Marc and Mikaya?

  1. Derplink_:3
    Hey pedians :D, did you guys read chapters 3&4? I bet you guys liked it :p and for the guys who don't get me read the past parts/chapters ;). Now let's get on with the story, enjoy :).

    Chapter 5,the moderators
    I bet that Marc did something epic the whole time we were gone like beat up the purple man or grind some rails, or maybe he just drank his coffee with Mika and chatted a bit. Well now we look at what happened to the two, Marc and Mika are still in the first place we all met at and Marc felt curious about us so he asked Mika "Hey Mika I'm kinda worried about the others, ever since we decided to split up they've been gone for hours. I think we should call them to be rest assured they're ok" Mika responds with "Uh Marc, we never got any of their phone numbers. I'm confident that they're ok, since Pacey and Derp look responsible(smiles at Marc)" Marc anxiously responds "Well we should go look for them just to check on them" Then both started walking hoping to find us or maybe other members.

    On their way hoping to find us they bumped in a group of three gentlemen, Marc quickly asked "Who are you guys? Have you guys seen either people named Derplink or Paceygym?" The leader answered with "Oh yes I've encountered the fine chap sir Derplink, I am Sir MaskSmash and my fine fellows here are sir Megalegacy and agnt34562. Together we are the HYRULE HERO'S!!!" Mika laughed as she responds "You guys are hilarious (smiles at them), well I'm Mikaya and my partner is Marc"

    Mask surprisingly answered "Tis a pleasure to meet you madam Mikaya, I flattered to meet you too sir Marcus (bows to them). Sir Derplink made me leader and left us and wandered of to complete his mission of finding as much members as he could" Marc suggested "Well you should join us on our way to finding them Hyrule Hero's" Mask joyfully responded with "We are honored to join you guys, right chaps?" Mega responded with "YEAH and maybe find some POTATOES on our way there" Agnt replied with "Sure, I'm just curios about the mall we're in since I don't see anyone working here" Mika yelled "ALRIGHT LET'S GO!!!"

    While they were walking Mega started sniffing and the rest stopped and started staring at him, Mask asked "My fellow Mega what are you doing?" Mega responded with "I smell French fries which are technically POTATOES!!!!" Marc suggested "That might mean we're getting close to someone, lead the way Mega" Agnt asked "I smell it too, but who might be making French fries when there are no workers here?" Mika answered him "Well maybe some member or group of members know how to make them, besides I'm getting hungry I hope they have enough food for us" They followed Mega hoping they find food.

    Now Marc started to feel curious yet creeped out at the same time since he heard deep laughs coming from behind him since he was at the back of the group. Marc whispered "Guys can you hush for a bit, I feel someone is following us" Mika started to worry about Marc and whispered back "I don't see anything Marc, but you should watch your back just to be safe" They continued walking, when all of the sudden Marc got hit in the rear with a soccer ball and jumped yelling "WHAT THE HECK!!!! Now I know someone is following us, who ever you are I warn you when I get mad there will be no mercy" Yet again Marc heard a deep laugh and looked behind alongside the others, what they saw was a tall purple man driving a cart with two guys behind him wielding a baseball bat and a golf club dressed in creepy looking mascot costumes driving towards Marc and others.

    Mask yelled "WATCH OUT GUYS!!!!!" That split second they scattered both sides and tried taking out the two in the back. Marc looked at a trash can and waited for the right time to strike, they came drove towards Mika trying to take her down. Marc then grabbed the trash can and swing it with all the force and anger within him knocking the golf club wielding guy. Agnt then a tray that flew out and threw it at the purple man as he drove towards him, sadly that was ineffective but Mega jumped on to the cart and grabbed on. Mask and Mika then tried taking down the baseball bat wielding guy, but he got distracted by Mega who then jumped on him forcing him out of the cart. The purple man then threw a timer bomb that counted down from two minutes and drove away leaving the other two behind.

    Marc yanked the first guy and pinned him a wall, angrily asking him "WHO ARE YOU?! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!" Mika and Mega then pinned the other guy. The first guy stayed silent, Marc then smacks him knocking him out and dropped him. Mika then tried teasing the other guy saying "Now let's see your leader helping you(laughing at him)" Mask then yelled "GUYS THERE'S A BOMB HERE AND IT'S DOWN TO ONE MINUTE!!!"

    Agnt responded "Chill leader, all we have to do is see what element this bomb is using to cause the explosion and calculate the blast radius that it will reduce" They all stare at Agnt and wonder how does he know all this stuff. Mega then asks "Agnt, where did you learn this? And how long does it take to do all the math?" Agnt joyfully responded " It's using a very weak element for producing a fatal explosion, but just to be safe Marc should grab it and place over yonder(points at some place far away from them)" Mika the lets go of the pinned guy and lets him live, and so he ran towards his friend and tapped him who faked being unconscious and they both ran away. Marc gulps and lifted the bomb and placed it a couple of feet away from them and he had five seconds to run away, and so Marc noticed and dashed as fast as his scrawny body could carry him.

    The rest ran away and the bomb was then detonated and blew up causing a roaring noise going around the far end of the mall.

    Hey guys I thought I might stop it there since there was allot of bizarre things that happened in this chapter:eek: and I bet there will be more action and mysteries things that would or might happen in chapter 6:D;), but I hope you enjoyed this chapter guys and until then LATERS!!!:woot::p

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  1. Jeff The Killer
    Jeff The Killer
    This was awesome! And who doesn't love explosions?
  2. Ichimaru
    can't wait for chapter 6!
  3. NIN10
    Nice, i see I'm in another group, yes?
  4. Sketch
    XD I am sooo smart. It was great.
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      Glad you enjoyed being intellectual in my story here :D(I bet you are in real life too xP)
  5. ✍MaskSmash✌
    Im sooooo elegant and fancy! :D Thank you for the role I have. :)
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      Glad you liked it :D
  6. SmashChamp
    I don't even have a role in this chapter, YAY! But it was still Epic
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks cuz, I know you don't have a role here since I wanted to give Marc and Mika some time in the spotlight :D
  7. PigMayor
    It is good but I feel I need a bigger part in the story lel ouo
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      Cause this chapter was about Marc, Mikaya and the Hyrule Hero's, the next chapter will probably be bazar and filled with even more action and more people collaborating ;)
  8. GerudoWarrior
  9. generalmeme72
    This is good so far! Continuing from my previous comment on your story, I should be a 5 foot guy with brown hair and a Russian accent, lol.
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      Sure thing I might add you the next time :D
  10. rawrrie
    I rerated cause of a horrid typo. So much action in this! I love how you introduce people. P.s. POTATOES
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks rawrrie I'm glad you liked it :D I'm glad it was action packed and very epic :P (also I don''t blame you on typo's they happen ;D)