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The Mysteries Mall Gathering

MMG is the new title here.:D also now we see what happens after OopaMazo fainted and who done it?

  1. Derplink_:3
    Hello again again fellow pedians who are reading this story(by the way thanks guys it means allot to me and hopefully it means allot to you guys since it's about all of you here;)) anyways to catch up to the story (if you haven't) I suggest reading the first part or of those who did read part two to catch up on what happened the link of the first two are in my page. Happy reading guys and enjoy.:p

    Chapter 3, the lonely wanderer
    As of what happened up to know OopaMazo was in a concussion, we look upon a lonely young looking boy wandering through the mall all by himself while feeling isolated and hoping to find an explanation on how he got here and why is he here. He had brownish gold hair and wore shorts and a striped shirt, he was mostly scared and was calling for help hoping someone might answer his cry for help.

    All of the sudden he felt curious as if someone were to be watching him from a distance and started hearing light steps companied with deep laughs. The boy looked around and started shivering and slightly sweat, yet again he heard the same thing and started dashing towards any shop to ask for help and to his astonishment no one was working at any store as if the mall was closed and he got left here.

    He started running as the mysteries thing was following him, he looked over his shoulder as he ran and saw a tall man wearing a purple suit was holding a syringe as he chased the boy chanting "I'M GONNA GET YA BOY AND YOU CAN'T OUT RUN ME!!!!!" The boy started tearing as he ran hoping that someone, anyone would stop this tall behemoth. He started getting slower and the tall man caught up to him yelling "I TOLD YOU CAN'T OUT RUN ME BOY, YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!!!"

    A last breath was let at as a last hope of escaping the tall me and his call was answered, as he lost his breath and collapsed the man was a couple of inches away from the boy. As he came near a boy jumped out of the shadows and SMACKED the heck out of the tall purple man with a baseball bat, he got launched a couple of inches away and dropped his syringe causing the liquid within it to spread all over him. The boy looked slightly older than the collapsed one, he whispered "Are you ok? My name is Derek nice to meet ya,hold on for a sec" he looked back and the purple man vanished.

    The boy retained his breath and answered "Thanks for the save I'm glad you showed up or I wouldn't have been drugged by that maniac. I'm not sure how I got here, where are we anyways? I was just playing smash and messaging my hun on a forum page called 3dspedia and all of the sudden I felt tired all of the sudden even though it was only 7:06 PM and drifted into a deep sleep and found myself deserted in this mall all alone" Derek responded with "You have an account there? My name is @DarkDrifloon on there (smiles with a cheery face) so what's your name there? Also I'm not sure I got here but I felt sleepy too and as I woke up I found myself here and went to a sports shop to grab something to defend myself with"

    The boy was held up by Derek and told him "I'm @CaptainToad at your service and assistance, but call me Alex (smiles confidently) Also this is some coincident that both of us found ourselves here the same way" Derek then handed him a hockey stick that he grabbed alongside his bat and taught him fighting techniques to defend himself. Then they started walking deeper into the mall hoping to find more people at here.

    Chapter 4, the meeting of two groups
    As Patty and I traversed deeper she found tire tracks and quickly told me "Derp look at this, how can you fit a car here or bring one up here?" I replied with "Uh Patty I'm guessing this is from a security cart that someone drove around drifting here, wait look over there!" Astonished as she was, Patty quickly responded "what's over there?! More members? The cart?" I jokingly respond with " I was just messing with you Patty (laughs at her) but there are more tire tracks up ahead, no joke" She then scorns me and said "Please don't joke around when we're looking for important clues (gives Derp a careless face)" I then respond with "Sorry Patty(looks at her with a sad face) I was trying to make you laugh or feel jolly but I guess we should follow those tire tracks" Just before we dashed towards the tracks, Patty responded to me "It's ok silly(points tung at me) just try making me laugh when we're not looking for something, no let's GO!"

    We followed the tracks until we found a food court with tons of members, I yell "Hey guys me and Patty are here, WOAH what happened here?!" Pacey responds with "Hey cuz (smiles joyfully) We ran into a little accident here with this cart I'll explain it to you two" He then goes on telling Patty and me about the incident and Patty responds fearfully "There's a guy here who drugs people?! Ok now I'm scared to go to the bathroom alone(she then shivers)" I bravely respond with "Don't worry Patty (smiles at her), I'm as scared as you are so whenever you want to go potty just tell me or Pacey and we'll both go escort you there and wait"

    Pacey asks me "So cuz did you two meet with someone?" I answer with " Yeah we did, It was MaskSmash,Megalegacy, and agnt34562 and I made Mask the leader and gave him the responsibility to take care of the others" Bo then came in and said "Rawrrie and Champ are done with cooking some of the food, they're really good at it. Hey you two I'm Bo or you might know me as @NIN10 in pedia" I respond with "Hey NIN10 I'm Derplink and Patty is the girl next to me(I smile at him)" Patty whispers to both me and Pacey "I gotta go answer natures call, pwease take me there(looks at both of us with a puppy face)" We then both respond with "Don't worry we'll take you there" Bo then stops both of us and explains "Hey guys here are some equipment you two could use for self defense" He hands me MMA fighting gloves and gives Pacey a pair of spiky football shoes and we then leave.

    We walked a couple of feet away from the food court and found a a girls restroom and Patty rushed in there. Me and Pacey wait for her outside standing back to back and I started a conversation "So cuz how have you been? I know this might be irrelevant but I'm glad we got to see each other face to face since it's been a while, also you look all grown up since we last met(giggles)" Pacey responds with " I'm doing great cuz, I'm glad we're both here I haven't seen a relative for a while but I feel great that ur here cuz" Patty then rushed out the bathroom and bumped into us, al three of us then fell and laughed. Patty then responded with "Now that was hilarious (laughs) but we should get going back to the food court".

    On our way back, a short messy haired wacked up guy stood afar from us and stared at Patty. Me and Pacey then came in front of her and stood in a fighting stance, he answered "Oh you two think you could get in my way of slashing her?!" He then licks a sharp broken piece of glass and dashed towards Pacey, I roll backwards and Pacey threw a strong kick and the guy caught it. As he was about to slash Pacey's leg, I grab his shirt and yank it towards me while I aim a fist at him and he dropped the glass shard. Pacey grabs it and throws it in the lower floor.

    Out of nowhere Champ snuck on the guy and smacked him with a frying pan. I yelled "LITTLE CUZ GO BACK!!!" Champ responds with "I think he's down" The guy got up and lifted Champ from his shirt and warned me and Pacey "If u guys come close I'll throw the kid off this floor!" Out of nowhere some dude with black wearing shorts grabbed the maniacs neck and slammed him to the ground and Champ fell alongside the maniac. Champ runs back after delivering this line "I'm just a kid, also food is ready guys" The psychotic guy said "I'm @Jeff The Killer and I'm gonna kill all of you as long as I'm DRUGGED!!!!" Me,Pacey, and the random dude pinned him down until he snoozes or until he goes back to normal. Patty then said "guys I'm really scared now, can someone take me back to the food court?!" I tell the new guy "Hey man can you take back Patty to the food court? It's strait across from here Also I'm Derplink and my cuz Pacey is next to me" He responds with "Sure just keep this guy pinned, also my name is @Mega Tardigrade 853"

    Tardi goes with Patty back and Jeff ran out of steam and lost conciseness. We drag him back to the food court and We're faced with rawrrie and she informs us "Where you been guys? I made us tons of food so go dig in I'll handle this slump guy" I respond with "Nah I can wait, Pacey go dig in. I'll help you with Jeffery here." Pacey runs to eat and rawrrie asks me as we both pick up Jeff "What happened back there? And who do you think is doing all this drugging? That purple man is freaking me out Derp" I calm her down and tell her "Don't worry he only jumps lonely wanderers, he won't stand a chance against us together(I smile at her) I'll explain the whole combat that happened back there" Me and rawrrie put Jeff in a corner close to our vision and go eat.

    Hey guys I hope you liked chapter 3 and 4 :D;) I will probably post chapter 5tomorrow.:p Yet again I will add everyone but when their times come and don't forget a physical feature or detail so I can describe you in the later chapters, but until tomorrow I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.:D:)

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    I'm unconscious lol. xP
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    Please add me in the next one.
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      I thought you were in Australia?:P
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    Watch out for me and the pan :sneaky:
    1. Derplink_:3
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      Yes cuz you have pan skillz
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    Beautiful :D
    1. Derplink_:3
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      Thanks :D
  5. Jeff The Killer
    Jeff The Killer
    Yay I'm in a corner!

    Derplink, I love reading each chapter it makes me smile :D!

    Keep up the good work!
    1. Derplink_:3
      Blogger's Response
      I have to admit you're a tough opponent but I'm glad you liked it so far and my goal is to make people smile of feel intense when reading this story :D
  6. NIN10
    Bo?! I love it! Please continue.
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    Doctor Strange
    I'm finally in! I hope theres a part where there's a Toy R Us in the mall and I shoot a guy with a NERF gun
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    awesome look forward to chapter 5,hope I'm in it soon.
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    Slayerpon Tatsu
    Wonderful as always :D Just waiting for the part for when I annoy the scrap out of everybody. Specifically Pacey >:3
  10. Sketch
    That was awesome. So when do you think the Hyrule heroes will meet up again?.
    1. Derplink_:3
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      Sometime we will meet up again(probably chapter 5 :D)