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Do you think old Nintendo consoles deserve to be "brought back"?

Discussion in 'Old School Nintendo Gaming' started by Marc, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Marc

    Marc Chocolate milk :3 Forum Management

    Play Coins:
    2,176 coins
    I'm asking because I came across an article mentioning an improved version of the Game Boy. We've already seen Nintendo release better versions of their NES and SNES Mini consoles, so I'm wondering if you think the old Nintendo consoles deserve this treatment or do you think the company should keep their focus on new consoles?
  2. Spinnerweb

    Spinnerweb Lime Pawpaw Forum Management

    Play Coins:
    203 coins
    No. Nintendo messes up modern consoles enough as it is.
  3. pokerus

    pokerus Computer Programmer Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    148 coins
    I don't agree because I think the Switch went pretty well, but I do agree they shouldn't update old consoles. I don't think they should do it to the Gameboy. That would just be weird. They should just bring Gameboy to Virtual console on the Switch
  4. 3dsCollector

    3dsCollector The Hero in Green Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    428 coins
    Yea I think they should just port all the games they can to Virtual Console and make a semi decent search system to find them all. But they probably make more money going the mini console route.
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