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Giveaway Win a $20 NA eShop Code!

Discussion in 'Digital Item Trades' started by Dark Link, Apr 7, 2018.

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  1. Dark Link

    Dark Link The Forgotten Soul Link's Dark Side

    Play Coins:
    1,802 coins
    Hey! Listen!
    Alright, it seems I have your attention. :giggle:
    I am once again hosting another giveaway!
    The rules and such is simple, and anyone is allowed to join.
    There's not much to explain, but make sure you read the requirements if you want a chance at winning. :p

    $20 NA eShop Code


    You must have at least 10 posts within the forum.
    Tell me your favorite video game and explain why it's your favorite.
    Then choose a number 1-150.
    (Sponsors and Peeps Lv. 18+ can pick 2 numbers)
    My favorite game has to be The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. Mostly because it had an amazing story and the graphics looked amazing! I also loved it when Link turned into Wolf Link, but I also felt bad for him... Oh, and I'll take 37 please!
    If you're chosen as the winner and you've been inactive for a while, I'll do a reroll.
    So try to stay active, otherwise you won't receive your prize. :panda:

    Those who don't follow these requirements will be rejected.

    List of Numbers

    1. @J9794
    2. @eeveeruleslol
    5. @P2.0
    7. @SkyHuntress
    8. @coolflare
    10. @Rattus rattus
    13. @AricAttack
    16. @SuperSmashBash123
    20. @3dsCollector
    27. @TribstyAnn
    37. @PersonSP
    38. @Starry Windy
    44. @3dsCollector
    45. @Rattus rattus
    50. @SkyHuntress
    55. @Mel
    60. @Aura Knight
    66. @eeveeruleslol
    69. @Zukrad
    72. @. EXE
    75. @Selaphi
    79. @Amit0603
    96. @Samster123
    99. @PersonSP
    110. @Artisan
    127. @TribstyAnn
    133. @Aura Knight
    149. @Samster123
    150. @J9794

    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  2. TribstyAnn

    TribstyAnn Me. Authoritative Cynic

    Play Coins:
    368 coins
    My favorite game of all time is Frogger for the Windows 98. It's a weird choice, but it was one of the first actual video games I ever owned. It was challenging but lots of fun, and I was actually fairly good at it. The music was also pretty cool. :) I'll take 27 and 127.
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  3. AricAttack

    AricAttack Pittoo Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    77 coins
    I’d say my favorite is probably uncharted 4 for ps4 I just absolutely loved it and I though it was a great game every time I played through the whole game I’ll take number 13
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  4. Samster123

    Samster123 Isn't she lovely? Isn't she cute?

    Play Coins:
    38 coins
    My favorite game is Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, because I LOVE Sonic, and it was the first video game I ever played, and will always have a special place in my heart. I'll take 96 and 149, if it's alright. :)
  5. 3dsCollector

    3dsCollector Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    296 coins
    My favorite video game... That's such a hard question because of how many great games I go back to all the time. I think right now I have to go with Mario Kart Wii because of all the fun times I had throughout the years with it. It's a party game to me, It's a singleplayer game to me, and It's a game I play with my family. Because of it being an all-inclusive game, I think I got to give it my all time favorite stamp right now. I'll take numbers 20 and 44 if they are still available.
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  6. eeveeruleslol

    eeveeruleslol i feel like no one gets me

    Play Coins:
    29 coins
    Dang you want me to pick a favorite game that is hard, i would have to say Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee I love this game. Even thought it's old i just love playing it. The story i am in love with, the character are funny, along with the game too. I never beat it thought because i played it on the original Xbox. I chose numbers 2 and 66.
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  7. P2.0

    P2.0 プレア 2.0 Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    711 coins
    My favorite game, though new, has to be Splatoon! I've never been so hyped for a game in my entire life from the moment I saw it on Nintendo Direct! :D The different weapons and specials, not to mention being able to team up friends as cool-looking Inklings is sheer delight!
    I'll take 5, please!
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  8. coolflare

    coolflare The flame of wonder and coolness Pedia Battle King

    Play Coins:
    38 coins
    *Drum Roll*
    The BlazBlue series
    Why I like it you ask, well in 2008, the Great Recession happened in the United States. During that period of time, my parents had a hard time earning money so my brother and I eventually had to help out as well. With the money I saved up, I bought this game and I LOVED IT! This game got me into the 2D fighting game genre (Think Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat) and that’s how not only this game is my favorite game of all time, fighting games are my favorite genre of all time!

    I’ll take number 8 please.
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  9. J9794

    J9794 But you can call me Jay Nine Seven Nine Four

    Play Coins:
    53 coins
    It's really hard to pick a favorite videogame, is it the one I could play the most? the one I have the fondest memories of? I think I have multiple answers for what my favorite game is, but this time I'll go with the Bioshock Saga, because prior to playing it it'd been some time since I felt so immersed in a game, it made me care for the characters and the story. Also, the third game is graphically beautiful and I have a weakness for parallel universes and time travel.
    Oh, and I'm picking 13 and 150 [or more to see].
  10. Amit0603

    Amit0603 Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    143 coins
    My favorite game has to be Pokemon Silver. It's the favorite generation of my favorite series. I just love everything about it. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is second (but I didn't play any other game from the series except Oracle of Seasons (Planning to get Ocarina of Time 3D soon), so don't tell me that there are better games in the series). I'll pick number 79.
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  11. Dark Link

    Dark Link The Forgotten Soul Link's Dark Side

    Play Coins:
    1,802 coins
    13 has already been chosen >.<
    Could you choose a different number? :panda:
  12. Starry Windy

    Starry Windy Let's do our best! The Resident Victini

    Play Coins:
    55 coins
    Even though I have several nice games to be on my favorite list, I can say that Pokemon X and Y are some of them, and I think they're one of the most notable for me, too. While I enjoyed Pokémon X back then, I was starting to not getting interested in Pokémon gaming anymore, until I decided to get Pokémon Y and start from scratch. As I played it, I learned that Shauna (one of my teammates in-game) wants to enjoy nice things as I'm traveling in Kalos region, and it's shown when I'm on the scene where the Prism Tower is lit up again.

    Seeing that makes me appreciative on how Pokémon gaming can be enjoyable for me, and I have X and Y to thank for because they bring me back to Pokémon gaming at some point. Perhaps I should play these games again some time.

    Owh, and I'll pick number 38, if you please.
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  13. Mel

    Mel Nintendo 3DS Legend Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    606 coins
    My favorite game of all time as of now would have to be Animal Crossing New Leaf. I played past Animal Crossings before , but never really got as into them as I did with New Leaf. I became apart of a community for New Leaf. We helped each other out in every way we could by trading furniture , fruit, art ,clothes and things like fossils. I would waste countless hours doing island games with people or just exploring their towns and help them choose where to put things. It was just a very chill experience that lead me to making some new awesome friends. I will always cherish my time with the game.

    Thanks for the chance and I would like to pick number 55.
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  14. Artisan

    Artisan Still the strongest. Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    1,214 coins
    My favorite game of all time has to be one of the most balanced fighting games I know. Joy Mech Fight (you can search the game and add "online" to the search play it). Each character has their niche, a grab, a projectile, a block, and even a super armor type move and if you want to know the controls of each special move and grab you can and they are not that hard to remember. The story is simple like Mega Man but that's all the game really needs as the gameplay is top notch. My main in that game was Giant. I will guarantee I will buy the game when it comes on 3DS VC or if there's a remake.

    110 please.
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  15. SuperSmashBash123

    SuperSmashBash123 The Shiny Hunter Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    3 coins
    My favorite game is Sonic 2, mostly because it was my first game and also because of bias but i have come to appreciate the good music and graphics for the time. Number 16 please.
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  16. Rattus rattus

    Rattus rattus Nintendo 3DS Legend Cartoon-ish

    Play Coins:
    86 coins
    I have a lot of games that I particularly like, but one particular game that really stood out to me was Shin Megami Tensei IV for the 3DS. I absolutely loved the theme, story, characters and the surrounding feeling of "mysteriosity" (though a lot was answered in Apocalypse, the following SMT title for the 3DS).

    I had a unique blast with these SMT series games (Currently playing Strange Journey) particularly because I love the difficulty and necessity to consistently change your team of demons from time to time, which means you're constantly shifting your strategy while progressing the game. Plenty of times the enemy is ahead of you though :p

    These games would be one I'd instantly suggest, if not for its mature ratings (morality and lots of stuff 'bout Gods and stuff, basically :p )

    Sooo... 10 and 45.
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  17. PersonSP

    PersonSP Writing- 'n-Drawing-aholic

    Play Coins:
    3,434 coins
    My favoutrite game.... Hmmm... I think either kid Icarus or Pokémon X. I'm going with Pokémon X for now. I absolutely love the villains and the drama, I was so happy with the new graphics and finally having the chance to dress up. Xerneas looks dope. And I guess I just generally love the Pokémon games, so there's that.

    I'd like 37 and 99. :)
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  18. SkyHuntress

    SkyHuntress Code to learn, don't learn to code. Forum Moderator

    Play Coins:
    1,068 coins
    Hm, the dreaded question every gamer hates being asked because there's too many great games :p

    Either Keepsake (PC game), Splatoon (both 1&2) or Payday 2 (PC version).

    Keepsake was one of the first games I ever played, the story and puzzles are really good and even though the graphics and such have aged a bit, and its impossible to play on anything past windows 8, I still find it really fun to play every now and then. Splatoon I just really enjoy because it's colourful and can actually be really difficult at times.

    Payday 2 might have to be my favourite game though if I have to choose just 1. It's been the source of so many great times with friends, so many hours poured into the DLC's and just messing around in the safe house, learning each map inside out, learning how to stealth all the stealth-able maps perfectly. It's an incredibly difficult game when it wants to be, and add that to the terrible AI meaning One Down difficulty on your own on a loud map is basically impossible, it's got infinite play time basically. Just much better to play with friends :p

    Also I'll take numbers 50 and 7 please :p
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2018
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  19. Zukrad

    Zukrad Just spam F-Air in the neutral and hope it works. Real Life Final Boss

    Play Coins:
    53 coins
    Picking 69

    My favourite game has to be Pokemon Emerald, I could write an essay of why it is, but in short: Is the best Pokemon game for exploration. The map design, the music, the colors, the biomes the cutscenes. Is perfection

    I rest my case
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  20. . EXE

    . EXE Ssb4 Cloud main Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    11 coins
    My absolute favourite game has to be...
    Super Smash Bros for nintendo 3ds.
    I just love the completely new take on the fighting game genre and a different type of competitive depth that the game gives us. It feels so good to just dunk your opponent into the bottom blast line... Oh, and I'll take 72
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