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Woke up one day and 3DS split in half

Discussion in '2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL Discussions' started by Marc, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Marc

    Marc Chocolate milk :3 Forum Management

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    Let's say one day you woke up and you decided to go look for your 3DS/DS to play a quick game and found out it has been split in half, laying right where you left it.

    You have no idea how it happened. It just happened D:

    What would you do in such a situation?
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  2. DarkSpyro

    DarkSpyro Pedia Mastermind Towns Folk

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    My dsi already did that, and I got my 3ds too play my games on. So I do the same
  3. spagooti

    spagooti Gonna go play those games, eh? The User of Many Names

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    111 coins
    Same as Spyro.

    If it happened back when I had my DS I'd still try to play it because that's what I did. Though, if it happened to my 3DS now.. Needless to say I wouldn't be all that happy.
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  4. etrian_warrior

    etrian_warrior Now named "Popcorn" *gives popcorn* Towns Folk

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    Well, is it still functioning though...(probably not). If so, play said quick game then proceed to the if not section! If not, call Nintendo asap! Seriously though, this would be my procedure:
    Step 1: Freak the heck out
    Step 2: Start questioning everything
    Step 3: Blame someone
    Step 4: Call Nintendo
    Step 5: Vent to my friends
    In other words let's pray that never actually happens because I will be pretty dead if it ever does! For future reference, I never want to think about this again. XD
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  5. SkyHuntress

    SkyHuntress Code to learn, don't learn to code. Forum Moderator

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    1,059 coins
    I'd think about it rationally.

    First I'd check that it is my DS/3ds and that it isn't just a prank. If it is my DS then I'd think about who'd have access to my DS between the time since I last saw it and why they could have then go and ask whoever could have done it.

    Since it'll be a write off, Nintendo can't do much about it other then say "buy a new one" because it won't fall under any kind of warranty.

    I guess I'll just be without a DS until I get enough money to get another, or get whoever broke it to pay for another. I wouldn't get angry since there's no point in doing so because it won't change anything or help in anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  6. TribstyAnn

    TribstyAnn Me. Authoritative Cynic

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    673 coins
    Step 1: FREAK OUT!
    Step 2: Try to calm and rational.
    Step 3: Check to see if it still works.
    Step 6: Get money from whoever DID THIS UNSPEAKABLE ACT AGAINST HUMANITY!

    Though in all seriousness I would instantly freak, just like I did when I got my 3ds wet. After a good solid while of freaking, I would try to find out who did it and get them to buy me a new one, or see if i can possibly get it fixed somehow. If for some reson I couldn't get a working 3ds in any way, I'd just sell all my games and save up for a Switch.
  7. Spinnerweb

    Spinnerweb Lime Pawpaw Forum Management

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    203 coins

    Blame God for breaking in half a console that was so safely tucked away into a drawer.

    Turn away from the good side.

    Conduct an unspeakable ritual or two, damning my soul in the process.

    Summon evil spirits to fetch me a new one and restore all my data on it.

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  8. etrian_warrior

    etrian_warrior Now named "Popcorn" *gives popcorn* Towns Folk

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    21 coins
    Sounds like my average Saturday night...
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  9. PersonSP

    PersonSP Writing- 'n-Drawing-aholic

    Play Coins:
    1,793 coins
    Depends how it split. (I assume you mean the screens separated-not right through the screens.)

    First, carefully, very carefully, investigate the damage. See if it switches on. If it's working and the damage is only to the outer part I'd start making repairs.

    1. Before anything I'd tape any wires, just to protect them.
    2. Then I'd sketch a rough design for a part that clenches the top screen to the hinge at the bottom screen, preferably moveable.
    3. next up, take measurements and use self hardening clay to make the mold.
    4. The using polymorph, which melts at 60 degrees Celsius (at which point it's safe to touch with bare hands), I'd make the part
    5. While it's still hot I'd click it in place
    6. Let it cool down for ~15 minutes.
    Tada! 3Ds repaired. It look ugly as hell and it wouldn't be able to close completely, but I could safely take it with me without risking any more damage.

    If it's unrepairable, I'll try to get all data of, take up contact with Nintendo's customer service and have them restore all my old games on a new 3DS (yes they can do that, but you lose your saves). Possible send it to Nintendo. While it's not within the warranty and can't be repaired Nintendo will offer a discount on a new one and they will attempt to move your data.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2017
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  10. SkyHuntress

    SkyHuntress Code to learn, don't learn to code. Forum Moderator

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    1,059 coins
    Wait, Nintendo does that if it's unrepairable? They didn't do that for me when my first ds broke,and that fell under the warranty too xD
  11. PersonSP

    PersonSP Writing- 'n-Drawing-aholic

    Play Coins:
    1,793 coins
    They did for a friend of mine. It probably helped that her mother sent a long detailed letter along. And that was about 8 years ago, so maybe their policy changed?
  12. SkyHuntress

    SkyHuntress Code to learn, don't learn to code. Forum Moderator

    Play Coins:
    1,059 coins
    Mine happened a few months after the 3ds originally came out, so about 6 years ago. Perhaps their policy did change. Idk, I didn't really mind though.
  13. Mikaya

    Mikaya <コ:彡 Forum Management

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    2,523 coins
    scream like a madwoman xD

    I wouldn't panic, because that would make things worse. I'd ask everyone around me if they knew that happened. I don't think anyone would admit to it unless they're a responsible individual. :p

    My 3DS would never be the same again, so I'd just keep it safe, stored away. I'd then purchase a N3DS! about time for an upgrade anyways. I have the funds to buy one. I'm not totally sold on the N3DS, but would I really get another normal 3DS? xD
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  14. freezebot

    freezebot the 3ds player Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    139 coins
    Well if it happened to my original 3ds (which I had for 5 years almost 6) I would try to rationally think what happened like a decent human being, And see how bad the damage is and try to find out how it broke in half. Then I would interrogate everyone in my household and if they did do it, I would calm down and find a subtle way to get payback like putting toothpaste in their socks. Then I would use that as a good excuse to get a new one or get it fixed.
  15. Kitsune_Sakura64

    Kitsune_Sakura64 New Gal on the Block Towns Folk

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    275 coins
    I don't wanna think about this; it already happened to me (and yes, with my 3DS XL, too!)

    Don't sleep with your DS still on your bed. It may fall off and collide against the baseboard, where it will split and break on impact, thus ruining your right shoulder of the console (and if it was the left, you may as well give up, because that's where the video feed stuff is).

    and blah, blah, blah yadda yadda yadda..<insert sob story about my life>...

    Fast forward to today, I have a great Galaxy Edition 3DS. ^w^
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  16. Tri-force64

    Tri-force64 An Incomplete Joke Towns Folk

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    89 coins
    I'd probably turn around and play on my PS4 :rotfl:
  17. Artisan

    Artisan Kneel before my balanced stats! Towns Folk

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    1,247 coins
    I hardly even use mine and since the games I had were all beaten or on the SD card so I would ask for a new 3DS for Christmas. Then I would cry for a few days and maybe consider suicide resulting from and overdose of antipsychotics or whatever else I could find. Oh what a wretched day that would be. That or I'd play Brawl or Melee more. *shrugs*
  18. PersonSP

    PersonSP Writing- 'n-Drawing-aholic

    Play Coins:
    1,793 coins
    Yikes! D: You must have been pretty unlucky though, Nintendo stuff doesn't break easily. I once dropped my 3DS on the stairs, and it fell from a pretty good height too. Somehow it was undamaged.
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  19. Ace

    Ace Aaannnd boom! goes the Dynamite. Towns Folk

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    82 coins
    *Finds it split in half* Me: " I don't want to live on this planet anymore." XD
  20. KooleoKun

    KooleoKun Still a newbie That one stalker

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    521 coins
    Hah, I have a 2ds not a 3ds or ds so nothing broke :D

    Boom case solved