Free Nintendo 3DS eShop Game Download Codes (NA)

Published on December 28th, 2013 by Gervais D.

We here at 3DS Pedia hope that you enjoyed your Christmas. To celebrate the holidays, we’re giving away free Nintendo 3DS eShop game download codes. These codes only work on North American region Nintendo 3DS consoles.

Note: If a code does not work, please try another.

Heathcliff: Spot On (read the review)

Heathcliff: Spot On is a ‘spot the difference’ game with over 120 different comic pages.

Download codes:

  • A046DNKN2N827HRK
  • A046DNKY34NDKXM5
  • A046DNKP22GSV0X0
  • A046DNKQ16RJRJ47
  • A046DNKR0E9YTC70

Wold Wizard 3D (read the review)

Wold Wizard 3D is a collection of classic word games, offering over 100,000 words per language. These games are Hidden Words, PickLetter, Hangman, WordFinder, WordBlast, SwapLetters, Alphadoku, and Bubbles.

Download code:

  • A044W2BE2ANV4F85

Hands On! Tangrams (read the review)

Hands On! Tangrams is a puzzle dissection game with 10 themed levels, 100 pattern puzzles and 6-8 hours of gameplay, according to its publisher. Players can manipulate geometric shapes to mimic real life objects.

Download codes:

  • A046447G0N19FAFP
  • A046447H2D5KV7NL
  • A046447X29AW5YPS
  • A046447J2227RTUL
  • A046447K148WU200

Race To The Line (read the review)

Race To The Line is a racing game with four types of competitions/challenges. Players can choose one of the ten vehicles to race in 3D against other drivers through tracks across three continents.

Download codes:

  • A046DNEY075DPGTY
  • A046DNEP1D43S9TH
  • A046DNEQ26BN0NC8
  • A046DNES01ACL8M7
  • A046DNF52X4FXKX6

Credits: Thanks to Spinnerweb and ErixSan for the codes.

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