Game Boy Advance Virtual Console Review (Wii U eShop)

Published on August 20th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

Game Boy Advance Virtual Console Review (Wii U eShop)

Before the Nintendo DS, there was another Game Boy console: the Game Boy Advance. Unlike the previous two variations, it was more powerful, better and more “advanced”. There were two main versions of the console, the original Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Advance SP. The main differences on the SP model was the inclusion of a better screen and a li-on battery.

Meanwhile there are some GBA titles for ambassadors for the Nintendo 3DS, the Virtual Console service is exclusive for the Nintendo Wii U.

PRO: The controls
The GBA offered two extra buttons: the L and R shoulders. Again, the controls work excellent and fit flawlessly with the Gamepad. Still, you’re able to change the button’s placement for something of your taste.

The Wii Remote is also compatible with some GBA titles, however, I won’t recommend it for certain games because one button will be lacking.

PRO: The presentation
I already said many times that every Virtual Console title includes a manual of the game and the service, but there is a large difference with the GBA one: the manual only offers an explanation of the Virtual Console service.

Yes, there’s no game explanation in the manual because the game’s original manual is offered with the game (being accessible with a little icon), where a scan can be seen including some extras in certain games, like a map on Golden Sun.

PRO: Suspend Feature
Like the other two Wii U virtual console services, if you exit the game, you can start where you left off once you open it again. Sadly, you must exit with the Home Menu because powering off the console won’t suspend the game.

MIX: Game’s Display
The game looks nice on the Gamepad but ugly on the TV due to the low resolution of the original console. There is a smooth feature that works nice with some games, but doesn’t help a lot with the TV screen. Unlike the 3DS service, there’s no original resolution nor a console screen simulation.

MIX: Save States
Another mention for the “restore point”, and I will be short this time: there’s just one save state and no buttons for a fast load/save of the function.

MIX: Features Integration
Like the Game Boy and Game Boy Color services with the 3DS, the same mistake is offered: some functions are missing like the multiplayer features. Still I will consider it as a “MIX” instead of a “CON” for a simple reason: who will visit you and bring their Wii U just for the multiplayer feature?

It’s a good service just for the Gamepad, and only for the Gamepad. Considering the great games for the console, it’s a great chance to play missed games if you like the big controller.

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