Game Boy Virtual Console Review (3DS eShop)

Published on August 20th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart

Game Boy Virtual Console Review (3DS eShop)

The Game Boy was such a popular console long time ago. It offered a portable gaming experience for a low price considering its competitors and the games offered for the system were great, including the classic Tetris and the excellent Super Mario Land as launch titles.

There was even an adapter for the Super Nintendo (SNES) that allowed you to play Game Boy games with the larger screen that the TV offered. The Nintendo 3DS won’t be an exception here, due to its ability to play Game Boy games thanks to the Virtual Console service.

PRO: The controls
The controls work excellent and there is no lag nor problems when playing the title. Just like the original console, you will use the same buttons, sharing the same experience the console had.

PRO: The presentation
Every Virtual Console game includes a manual, where it includes the explanation of both, the little emulation service and the game, including gameplay aspects and controls. Such a great help for the player.

PRO: Suspend Feature
If you exit the game, it will be suspended. This means once you open the game again, you will be able to start where you left off.

PRO: Game’s display
Game Boy games do not feature colors, so the games are played in black and white. Still, if you want a more original experience, there is the option to play with green shades, like it was on the original console.

You can also play with the original resolution, with the console around the screen, featuring a cool 3D effect.

MIX: Save States
The emulation service offers the famous save state feature, called “restore point”, where it allows you to go back every time you wish to. Still, there are two things that make this function disappointing: you can save and load using non-used buttons and there’s a limit of just one save state.

MIX: Lacking Color Display
The Super Game Boy offered a color display for Game Boy games, using specific patterns the player was able to choose from. Sadly, this feature isn’t included in the Virtual Console service, which is such a missed opportunity.

CON: Features Integration
Something important that is missing is not being able to use some of the features from the original console, like the multiplayer features the console offered with the Game Link Cable, where it can be easily offered with the 3DS and its multiplayer capabilities.

It’s a good service overall, offering a good presentation and two different displays. Sadly, the lack of multiplayer features is such a lazy move from Nintendo, when it can be emulated with a wireless connection.

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