How to get passed the Yellow, Blue and Red Blocked Gates in YHVH’s Universe – SMT IV: Apocalypse

Published on September 20th, 2016 by Gervais D.

After exploring YHVH’s Universe in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, you should eventually discover gates that are blocked by shining walls. These walls each have colors to them: yellow, blue and red. There is a trick to unblocking the gates and this guide teaches you how to do it.

Getting pass the Yellow, Blue and Red blocked gates in YHVH’s Universe

You need to find a special object with a planet above it. Examining it will allow you to remove the shining wall from a gate. There are three you need to find and they each unblock one color.

Locations :

  • Red = 3rd Brane G
  • Yellow = 3rd Brane H (you can’t teleport to this one)
  • Blue = 3rd Brane 1 (same as above)

YHVH's Universe special objects to get passed blocked gate

You can get to 3rd Brane H by teleporting yourself to 3rd Brane C and moving top-right (not right or top/forward by themselves because you will go to a different point). Of course, this is only after you’ve cleared the map of any obstacles.

You can get to 3rd Brane 1 from 3rd Brane D (it’s possible to teleport to 3rd Brane D).

Locations of gates :


  • 1st Brane G
  • 1st Brane 1
  • 3rd Brane E


  • 2nd Brane F
  • 3rd Brane F
  • 4th Brane R


  • 3rd Brane D
  • 3rd Brane C

YHVH's Universe special gates

If there are more, I might have missed them but those are the important ones you should take note of if you’re lost or need to advance to get to the last area of YHVH’s Universe. From there, it’s only trying to explore new areas.

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