How To Beat the Green Dragon in The Legend of Legacy

Published on October 13th, 2015 by Gervais D.

The Green Dragon is the most powerful foe you will encounter so far in the game and it isn’t going to go down easily. It took over 50 attempts for me to finally bring it down (possibly around 80-100) and as of writing this, I’ve finally done it.

This guide will give you various tips and advice on how to defeat the Green Dragon in The Legend of Legacy. The Green Dragon can be found at the Lizardman Domain on the top-right corner of the Bogsaur Marsh map.

Green Dragon in The Legend of Legacy

How To Beat the Green Dragon in The Legend of Legacy

Setting up your party before the battle begins :

Before you go head to head with the Green Dragon, you have to prepare for it. One of its major attacks that can cripple your party is its poisonous dragon breath. To avoid getting poisoned, you should equip your party members with gear that prevents the status condition.

Item: Laurel Headknot (gear for head)
Guard: 2
Protection: Poison
Location: You can get the Laurel Headknot by defeating Hex of the Shadow (it’s a drop item).

Below you can view the party members and their stats I used to battle the Green Dragon :

Name: Eloise (main / 319 HP / 37 SP)
Hand: Millennial Shell
Hand: Staff of Hope (DMG 44)
Head: Laurel Headknot
Body: Robe of Midnight
Arms: Mercenary’s Fists
Legs: Light Legbraces
Slot: Air Singing Shard (green)
Slot: Emergency Kit

Name: Bianca (316 HP / 31 SP)
Hand: Executioner’s Axe (DMG 45)
Hand: Beast’s Husk
Head: Laurel Headknot
Body: Robe of Midnight
Arms: Mercenary’s Fists
Legs: Chrome Sandals
Slot: Water Singing Shard (blue)
Slot: Health Pack

Name: Owen (450 HP / 33 SP / LV 31 Guard / LV 46-47 Readied Stance Guard)
Hand: Tavernmate (DMG 47)
Hand: Sailor’s Shield
Head: Padded Casque
Body: Light Plate
Arms: Wild Paws
Legs: Titan Greaves
Slot: Holy Symbol
Slot: Stone of Babel

Owen’s set-up can still be affected by poison, but its gear reduces the chances of getting poisoned from the dragon breath attack. I used one of the permanently learned water skills from Bianca (Purify or Rejuvenation) to heal him whenever he did get poisoned.

Using shields :

Using shields with additional effects are useful even if you do not have to protect your other party members with it. If you’re going to use skills that blocks and counters attacks, you should definitely equip a shield with a high guard rate to them.

Take control of the battlefield :

The key to beating the Green Dragon is to take over its elemental domain. Use singing shards to take control of the battlefield (I used the air and water singing shards) and use permanently learned skills on your characters to use skills from the whispering shards instead of equipping them. Characters can permanently learn whispering shard skills by constantly using them in battle (once learned, you can use the skills without equipping the whispering shard).

I used the fire shard (red) on Owen before but concluded that the water and air shards were sufficient. Just make sure the water and air elementals are dominating the battlefield.

Battling the Green Dragon :

There is an 80% chance (from my experience) of the Green Dragon using its poisonous dragon breath attack at the beginning of the battle. You can try to predict it and heal the poison before getting poisoned on the first turn (the dragon always attacks first).

After, let two of your characters (in my battle, they were Eloise and Bianca in non-attack stances) use the singing shards to cast their effects on the battlefield for two turns. Owen was used to attack on the first turn and on the second turn, he countered the dragon’s triple attack. Once the two turns are up, let the water shard character repeatedly use their singing shard and let your air shard character use attack skills while your next character counters attacks from the dragon [Owen’s Readied Stance or Eloise’s Fluid Strike (DMG 50 / block and counter attacks)]. You can switch turns to use the shards between users to make sure its shadow and fire elementals do not get stronger. The water shard also helps your party recover HP every turn (the more it’s used, the more HP you get each turn). Of course, try to predict when the dragon will not use a triple attack to avoid wasting a turn by using the counter skill.

Remember to heal and take back the water and air callings/contracts with the singing shards when the dragon tries to steal it. The ‘water calling/contract’ recovers 999 of the dragon’s HP, therefore you SHOULD NOT let it keep it for too long (it’s better if you keep using the water shard to call the water elemental so that you take it back before it gets a chance to recover the HP). When the representation of the shadow and fire elementals in the elemental scale on the bottom screen of your Nintendo 3DS (during battle) gets to under 25%, you can start using attack skills instead of the water singing shard, but make sure to use it next turn or another shard to keep the purple (shadow) and red (fire) colors under the percentage.

Countering Green Dragon - The Legend of Legacy

The lower the shadow and fire elementals are and when your water and air elementals have taken over 60% of the battlefield, you should discover that the Green Dragon’s attacks are dealing less damage to your party members. When the fire elemental has almost diminished, some/all of your party members might survive its hellfire (Hellfire normally eliminates all party members because of its high damage). From my experience, when using a support stance, some or all of the party members might survive a hellfire. Do NOT use stances that lower your defense.

Try to predict what the dragon will do next to use countering skills (50 DMG skills are the best countering skills your party members can get at this point), change stances depending on the skills you are going to use, keep using singing shards to control the elementals on the battlefield, heal your characters when necessary, and try to get in as many attacks you can as possible.

From counting the damage I dealt to the dragon during my battle, it has around 25,500 HP.

Green Dragon Defeated - The Legend of Legacy

What do you get after beating the Green Dragon :

After you defeat the Green Dragon, you will obtain the Poisontail Ring item (not sure if there it is a guaranteed drop). It protects the user from both fire and poison attacks, and it can be equipped in a character’s slot.

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