How To Catch Fish in Summer in Mara

Published on June 12th, 2020 by Gervais D.

Catching fish in Summer in Mara might be different from the popular games you know and love, where catching the sea creatures are involved. This guide aims at teaching you how to catch fish in the game.


First, you need to craft a fishing rod.

How To Catch Fish in Summer in Mara

Step 1:

Unlike other games where you throw a fishing line at a fish and try to catch it, you must interact with the fishing sign in Summer in Mara. Find the pond on the island and then interact with the sign to bring up the fishing menu.

There are other areas of the game with fishing signs you can interact with and fish at.

Step 2:

The fish icon must stay aligned with the green middle bar. Move it left or right while the fish icon moves until the top countdown runs out.

Fishing in Summer in Mara

The top countdown shows you how much time is left before the fish is caught, while the bottom shows how much is left before the fish gets away. If the top countdown clears before the bottom, the fish will be caught and stored away for use later.

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