How To Craft A Fishing Rod and Cut Trees in Summer in Mara

Published on June 12th, 2020 by Gervais D.

Summer in Mara has a great tutorial that forces you to do tasks such as cutting trees early in the game, however, it lacks a piece of vital information that can get you stuck. This guide will teach you how to cut trees in the game and how to craft the fishing rod, which you will need to finish the beginner tutorial.

How To Cut Trees And Get Resin in Summer in Mara

After crafting an Axe at your house, you may not know how to equip it. Press the left or right button on the D-pad to swap between equitable tools until you find the Axe. Go to a tree and swing that sucker until you obtain wood and resin.

Cutting tree in Summer in Mara

How To Craft A Fishing Rod in Summer in Mara

Go back to the house after obtaining the fishing rod recipe (you should get it once the woman leaves your island with the boat) and use the wood and resin you got from chopping down a tree to craft the Resin Float. This Resin Float can then be used to craft the Fishing Rod.

Help! Can’t Get The Woman Off The Island

If you’re having trouble getting the woman off the island, just go through the ore tunnel and explore the other side. You should find an area to fill up the item she gave you with fuel for the boat. Bring it back to her and she should leave, allowing you to proceed with the gameplay.

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