Nintendo Unleashes News For the Upcoming Mario Party 10

Published on March 4th, 2015 by Patty


According to Nintendo, Mario Party 10, the latest installment in the Mario Party Series, is expected to be released on March 20th worldwide. The game will be available through the eShop as well. New minigames and commercial videos were revealed and currently, unlike its predecessors, Mario Party 10 will support not only amiibos, but a 5-player mode as well. And the purpose of the amiibos is to be used on the party boards during gameplay, as seen in the commercials.

Lastly as evident in the commercials, there will be three different kinds of Party Styles: Bowser Party, Amiibo Party, and the Classic Mario Party.

And to keep us convinced to buy the game, unsurprisingly, families and friends seem to be tackling many of these exciting new party minigames. The focus of advertising for Nintendo of America.

Click here, for the Bowser Party Mode Commerical and here for the Amiibo Party Mode Commercial.


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