Nintendo Direct October 1, 2013

Published on October 2nd, 2013 by Rocío V.

A new Nintendo Direct was held to kick the current month off. There were a few revelations, explaining a bit more about some of the games that we have been waiting for. It was not a big flashy event but their news are still worth being published. Since this is a 3DS blog, I will focus my attention on the news related to the system. If you’re only interesting in watching the entire Nintendo Direct video, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Streetpass Relay

A new update will be available soon. With it, when you visit Nintendo Zones, you will receive not just one but the last six visitors. This tagging relay will be a good aid to increase our opportunities to get more puzzle pieces and progress with the other streetpass minigames.

A new Kirby game is coming for the 3DS next year!

It is a side-scroller that will bring some nostalgia but also uses the 3D capabilities to immerse us with a more 3D looking world. You will be able to get to platforms closer and further to the screen.

Ace Attorney Dual Destinies will have a free Demo.

According to the Nintendo Direct, the game’s demo is now available at the Nintendo eShop to download. I would also like to take the chance to remind you that there will be no physical copies produced for this game, so if you want it you will have to download it digitally starting this October 24.

A Link Between Worlds changes the Dungeon-Item-Dungeon tie formula.

There will be a shop which can be accessed early in the game that allows the player to rent items to progress through dungeons. These items will help you during your journey so that you can approach dungeons in any order that you like.

A new Bravely Default trailer.

A new Bravely Default trailer has finally been released, showing party characters in cutscenes and during gameplay. The trailer explains a bit of the drives of each character and give us their names. According to the fine print, you will be able to choose either English or Japanese voices.

Sonic is back for the next Super Smash game

Surprising for some as he arrived as a guest. Sonic has an interesting moveset and surely some fans will be happy that he has overstayed his welcome. A few days before his reveal, Toon Link was confirmed by the game’s official website.

Etrian Odyssey Untold

Etrian Odyssey Untold’s launch trailer explained that there will be defined characters with defined personality. For the first time, the game will show animated sequences in the story mode. In addition, the game’s box will include soundtracks, a notebook with character art, comics and more.

Skylander SwapForce will have a separate new game for the 3DS

You will be able to buy the toys, and swap tops and bottoms to create your perfect match. There will be a pack with exclusive characters that are not available for the home console versions. You will also be able to save some of the skylander uploads so that you don’t have to carry everything everywhere. The game will launch in October 13.

Lego Marvel SuperHeroes

Lego Marvel SuperHeroes is another title that will launch for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS with a hundred different superheros to mash your way through Lego New York. the 3DS version will work through missions. Game launches in October 22.

Batman Arkham Origins franchise jumps on the 3DS with Blackgate.

It will show more backstory complimenting the home console titles. Out on October 25.

Sonic Lost World for 3DS

The game will have some differences from the Wii versions including gadget customization. Sonic Lost World is the first Sonic game for a portable that will show full 3D courses.

Outset shirt design for New Leaf

To further celebrate the release of The Wind waker HD for the Wii U, Nintendo has released a new prodesign that will give you Link’s initial shirt in New Leaf. You know, the blue one with the shrimp. If you have Animal Crossing: New leaf and you unlocked the sewing machine, you can pause the conference video to scan the codes and get yourself a brand new shirt.

I believe that is all the 3DS related news. I apologise if I missed anything and as I promised, next I will leave you with the full conference video.

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