Stella Glow Demo, New Screenshots & Trailer Revealed

Published on October 15th, 2015 by Gervais D.

The upcoming strategy role-playing game from Imageepoch for the Nintendo 3DS, Stella Glow, is getting a demo in the eShop on October 27th, 2015. The entire prologue will be playable in the demo. Unfortunately, your progress will not be able to transfer over to the full game if you do decide to purchase the full game.

The demo should give you a taste of the strategic combat gameplay, story of Alto changing from a regular villager to a Regnant Knight when Hilda threatens to destroy his home town and some of the voice acting the game has to offer.

In addition to the demo, a new trailer has been revealed showing four witches from the game known as Lisette, Sakuya, Popo, and Mordimort. The trailer shows them conversing with Alto as well as show footage of them in action on the battlefield.

Stella Glow: Witches Trailer

You can also find some new screenshots of the game below :


Lisette talking to Alto in Stella Glow

Mordimort - Stella Glow

Mordimort talking to Alto in Stella Glow

Popo talking to Alto in Stella Glow



Sakuya talking to Alto in Stella Glow

Sakuya - Stella Glow

Song of Fury from Sakuya - Stella Glow

The game’s official website can be found here.

Stella Glow will be available to purchase on the Nintendo 3DS on November 17th in North America for $49.99 US or 59.99 CA dollars. People in Europe will have to wait until March 2016.

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