Summer Temple Completion Guide in Ary and the Secret Of Seasons

Published on September 1st, 2020 by Gervais D.

Combat aside, the ‘Summer Temple’ is the first difficult challenge you will face in Ary and the Secret Of Seasons. This guide will help you find the entrance of the temple and teach you how to solve the puzzles that await you.

How To Get To The Summer Temple in Ary and the Secret Of Seasons

The main quest will require you to go back to the Winter Lammastide region, but you’ll eventually notice that it isn’t as simple as it seems to proceed. That’s because you need to find two balls in the water. The first will be to the left and the second, to the right.

Find the left ball and use the green season power on it. The water should disappear around the area and you now be able to pull it with the ZL button. Move the ball over a circular area to uncover a hidden path. There should be a treasure chest with a necklace. Get it!

After getting the necklace, look for the symbol on the map to find the other ball. Swim to it and dive below to use the green season power once again. Just like before, the water around the area should disappear and you’ll need to drag the ball to the circular area, but this time it will unlock a door.

The pathway should be straight. At the center, there should be a cage with a stone. There should be another stone buried before it. Use the green season power on it to open the cage. Then use the green season power on the stone inside of the cage so you can use the lever. The lever opens the door on the lefthand side. If you forgot your bearings, there’s a breadcrumb that you can match to find the door.

Two more stones should await you with some platforms, all submerged in water. The top rock must be hit with the green season power first, then the lever must be pulled to throw the boxes down from the top platform. Once that’s been done, use the green season power to hit the stone below. Line up the boxes you threw down to make a path for yourself to pull the gold metal out as much as you can, and then proceed above it.

The next step should be straightforward. Complete it and you’ll find yourself in another room with an energy ball. This energy ball needs to be picked up when not in water and placed on the other holder. You’ll need to hit the nearest ball with the green season power and drag it to the room. This ball, when hit with the green season power, will expand the range of the effect and allow you to pick up the energy ball and place it on the other holder to proceed. You’ll need to drag the ball without touching the water to do this. A new area should be unlocked beneath you with a lever. Pull the level, swim upwards, and proceed to the new area that was previously locked.

The last part gets a bit tricky. You need to use the Amplify Orb the furthest you can to the energy orb holder (the empty one where you must place the energy orb you’re picking up). It should be against the top gate. Do that and then follow the video below. You must be quick to get it right.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The rest is pretty straightforward after acquiring the knowledge above, but may take some time to complete because of the exploration and puzzle-solving aspects. You’ll have to fully explore the areas to apply the knowledge you’ve been given to get past the obstacles.

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