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A New Beginning Chapter 2

Bandits attack a village with Tsuneo and Airi in it

  1. Sketch
    Airi and I started walking back into town she walked a bit ahead of me because I still didn’t know my way around Atidal. I walk a bit faster to match her pace and walk beside her.

    Tsuneo: Hey, why’d you buy the pendant for me? You didn’t have to ya know…

    Airi: Yes, I did. I mean, you weren’t gonna buy it yourself were you, without any Chronus?

    Tsuneo: Well, you’ve got me there

    Airi lets out a giggle and we keep walking for a bit longer and then stopped to rest at the village we passed by earlier. We sat under a tree to catch our breaths and I pulled out the pendant from my pocket, I looked at it for a bit and it started to glow a faint blue, I looked back up to see Airi looking over at the pendant startling me.

    Airi: Oh sorry, I just saw that it was glowing.

    Tsuneo: Jeez well at least say something! Don’t be so silent!

    Airir: Sorry, but that’s really strange, I’ve never seen a pendant just glow like that.

    Tsuneo: I know it probably sounds weird but I feel a connection to this thing but, isn’t it just a regular strength enhancing item?

    Airi: That’s what the shopkeeper said it was.

    What exactly was this thing, and why did I feel connected to it in some way? The way that it glowed apparently isn’t normal, I put it around my neck so I wouldn’t lose it. Whatever it was, finding out about it was going to have to wait, a large group of bandits that were riding on what seemed to be a mix of a velociraptor and a frill necked lizard were headed this way. They were carrying daggers, some held bows with quivers on their backs full of arrows. Everyone ran into their houses to try and escape as the bandits rode through the village and stopped in the very middle of it. One of them jumped off of their….whatever it is, he was wearing some cheap armor made out of what seems like pieces of wood for protection, he carried a dagger on his hip and had a rag around his head that covered his left eye.

    The rest of the bandits stayed on their velociraptor lizard hybrids as, who I assume is their leader, walks around the square shouting out his demands

    B-Leader: Hand over any items that are of value to my men or we WILL burn down your village! Anyone who goes against will be killed not only that but you’ll also be the cause of your village being burned down!

    The villagers were terrified and as the bandits approached them they handed over their items. I wanted to do something but I knew I wasn’t strong enough to defeat them, what would I even do?

    ???: Please, this is all I have!

    I looked to where the voice was coming from and it was the voice of an old woman, her child standing behind her clearly frightened

    Bandit: Hand it over or I’ll kill you and your kid!

    ???: No please, not my son! He’s the only family that I have!

    Bandit: Well, if that’s the case. I’ll just take him

    ???:No, please!

    I was filled with anger, how the hell was he going to take an old woman’s child like that. I couldn’t control myself any longer.

    Tsuneo: Hey, get the hell away from her! / The bandit moves his attention to me.

    Bandit: Well, well, well, what do we have here? / He walks closer to me with his dagger pointed towards me

    Bandit: We got someone trying to play hero? I suggest you shut your mouth before I shut it myself

    Tsuneo: Like that’s gonna happen / I clench my fists and Airi stands beside me and gives me a nod

    Bandit: Alright tough guy, then let’s see what you can do / he spreads open his arms / I’m wide open.

    He’s trying to get me to attack first, but that never ends well. I used to take chun kuk do classes and always got my a** kicked whenever I attacked first. He looks like the impatient and short tempered type, so I wait for him to lose his cool and swing first. Airi stands next to me ready to provide support if anything happens.

    Bandit: You know I’m getting really tired of your s*** here, if you’re going to talk tough then at least be able to back it up.

    Tsuneo: That’s real big talk for a dude who roams around with a group so he won’t get his butt kicked. / I can see I hit a nerve, his arm twitches a bit

    Bandit: Shut the hell up / he moves closer

    Tsuneo: Aww did the big baby get offended, does he need special binky to get through it / He’s moving faster now

    Bandit: I SAID SHUT THE HELL UP / He goes for a swing and I quickly move back to avoid the blade / Why you little…

    Tsuneo: See? You can’t even hit a kid

    He tries to stab my stomach but I move to the side and go for a right swing landing it and catching him off guard. I try to land a kick on him too but he grabs my leg and throws it to the side putting me off balance and quickly dashing towards me with the dagger

    Tsuneo: s***, he’s got me off balance

    Suddenly two crystal shards fly into the guys arm throwing him off and giving me a chance to regain my balance, I look to my left and see Airi with her arm extended, she looks over and gives me a nod and I nod back at her. I run towards the bandit and punch him in the stomach then kick him down onto the floor while he’s distracted by the shards. The commotion caught the attention of other bandits and they started moving towards me.

    The guy on the floor swung at my legs while I was distracted by the other bandits, making me fall to the ground. While I was on the ground the other bandits had already reached us, I looked over at Airi to see if she could help by taking some of them out but I knew damn well in a situation like this she couldn't take that big of a risk.

    L-Bandit: Well, what do we have here? Trying to be a hero are we?

    Tsuneo: You’re bucktoothed friend over there already said that….get some new lines

    L-Bandit: Listen kid, either you give me all the s*** that you have, or I’ll kill you and all the other people in this village. Which will it be?

    Tsuneo: Neither, you won’t get s*** from me or kill any of the people in this village

    L-Bandit: That’s a shame, I really wanted to let you off easy…./he walks out from the small circle and hops onto his velocilizard/ kill him and everyone else

    After he’s left the village three bandits charge at me with their daggers up ready to cut me down, I cower, raise up my arm and close my eyes in hopes that I could maybe block the blows and escape but all I heard was metal clashing against metal. I open my eyes to see that I have a sword in my hand and noticed that the pendant around my neck was gone. The sword was long, it had a black leather hilt with blue highlights going throughout the hilt and blade that had a bright glow to it.

    Tsuneo: How the hell? /I push upward with all my strength and surprisingly barely even struggled, I felt much stronger than before/

    Bandit 1: Where the hell did that sword come from?

    Bandit 2: I don’t know, it just appeared out of nowhere.

    Bandit 3: Idiots, stay focused on the task at hand, we were ordered to kill him and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

    The third bandit charged at me and tried to stab me head on but I blocked the blade with mine and hit him with the butt of my sword knocking him into the second bandit while the first bandit was being distracted by Airi's crystal shards. The seconds bandit pushed the third to the side and charged at me with a downward slash, I quickly pivoted and lowered my body as I raised up my sword to block the blow and kick him in the stomach sending him back into the third bandit. Once the first one got close he tried to land a right hook so I grabbed his arm pulled him close and hit his face with the butt of my sword sending him falling to the ground.

    I felt a lot more confident, it was like the old me was just ripped away leaving only the courage in my soul. I wasn't afraid to attack them head on or afraid to block any of their attacks. The third one got back up and started randomly slashing in all directions, he was getting impatient and that was going to be his downfall. I blocked one of his blows and twisted my blade to disarm him and stabbed his arm as to not kill him, but just scare him off. He let out a cry of pain and backed into the other two knocking them down on the ground one last time.

    Tsuneo:/I looked them dead in the eye and with the most serious tone I said/ Leave now, or else...

    I could see the fear in the third one's eyes, he got up and immediately started running to his velocilizard followed by the other two behind him. They hopped on and immediately ran out of the village. I was drained, I collapsed onto my knees after the fight and Airi runs up next to me to keep me from falling any lower then my sword started to glow brighter and then turned into three small glowing orbs that connected into one making up the pendant around my neck.

    Tsuneo: Three orbs huh….I think I'll call this thing Trinity, I mean every good swordsman has a name for their blade, right?

    Airi: So that's what was weird about it this isn't your ordinary magic item, this is a soul connection item. The pendant had a connection with your soul and turned into the weapon that was best suited for you.

    Tsuneo: Hey Airi, quick question but where can I get some new clothes mine are kinda ripped up now.

    Airi:/she lets out a giggle/ We'll get you some new clothes tomorrow, now come on. Let's head back home hero

    The villagers were extremely grateful of what Airi and I had done to help save the village and even offered us a bag Chronus for our troubles. We kindly refused to take the reward as our actions weren't because we wanted money but because of good heart. Later I ran into that group of little rascals again and they were all so happy that I was able to help

    ???:Thank you so much for your help mister, if you weren't here we would've been toast

    ???: Yeah! You were super strong too, when I grow up I wanna be just like you

    The little boy that was with his mother from earlier ran to me and hugged me, surprising me a bit

    ???:I want to thank you for helping me and my mom from that bandit, he was going to take all our family heirlooms and was about to take me too.

    Tsuneo: It's no problem you guys, I'm just glad you're all safe and sound. By the way I never caught your names.

    Kon: My name’s Kon

    Okada: I'm Okada, nice to meet you!

    Kai: My name's Kai so don't forget it!

    Tsuneo: Well, I'm Tsuneo, it's a pleasure to meet you Kon, Okada, and Kai /I smile at them and ruffle Kai's hair/ I have to go now but I'll be back. When I come back let's have lots of fun, okay?