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Catching the Seabeast: Prologue (Pokemon Fanfic)

Sometimes Master Balls really do come in handy..

  1. Warbird
    Original inspiration here: http://forum.3dspedia.com/threads/when-did-you-use-the-master-ball.3505/page-2 ( my post towards the bottom of page 2).

    I have recounted tales of the Seabeast before, but never the entire story. It wasn't as easy as me grabbing a fishing rod and traveling to Route 22. No, it was much more complex than that.

    You see, for ages, tales of the Seabeast were told among friends at campfires or friendly gatherings..but they were never verified. No one had ever actually seen one. Not ever seeing one meant nobody had ever caught one..which meant the tales were merely just that: make believe. But I never once doubted such a creature's existence. I was a huge believer that something like this was definitely real. No myth can only just be a myth. Maybe in some minds, but not in mine.

    I remember turning 10. It was the day I could finally set out and become a Pokemon trainer. Some kids were far too immature to handle the task of being a trainer, but not I. I knew I was ready. Growing up in the region of Kalos, I had always dreamed of one day becoming strong enough to find or even catch the Seabeast.

    Now my time has come. But it would be many years before I even figured out where to find such a beast. 8, to be exact. Now, I am 18 years of age, and I'm hungry for a Seabeast. This, my friends, is only the beginning of how I caught the Seabeast.


    Thank you so much to everyone that read this. This is merely the prologue/introduction to the story that I wish to create soon. I was just browsing through a masterball thread when I decided to make a short story. I was quite fond of the tale I made up, so I decided that maybe I should go ahead and try to write! Character names and more information will be revealed in the first chapter, so that the story makes more sense. For more information on what the Seabeast is, refer to the original post above. Again, thanks for reading!

    - Bird

Recent Comments

  1. Spinnerweb
    It's promising.

    Also, I had to giggle at the Pokemon adventure starting at 10 because I was expecting the character would never age after that, geddit :P
    1. Warbird
      Blogger's Response
      Hahaha, nahhh, he's not Ash. :p thank you for the rating! ^.^