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Smash Bros. DLC that makes sense

My thoughts on future DLC.

  1. Warbird
    So, this recent fake 'leak' has had me thinking..what characters, if any, would be good fits for SSB4? I have come up with some incredibly weird and insane theories (which are at times not very logical either) that you may or may not agree with. But first things first, let's dive in to the confirmed DLC/future updates.

    Please note: regardless of what some may think, DLC was NEVER announced as an impossibility. It was merely said that new characters weren't being worked on at this point in time.

    Confirmed Characters:

    Mewtwo -
    The roster cut that was heard and felt around the world. Nintendo listened, and it took about 10 years, but he's back. And I doubt he will be back without more work put in. While I believe he will still have the Shadow Ball attack, I'm expecting a different design and a different moveset. Heart and soul will be put into this character, and I can't wait to see a different result.

    Confirmed Stages:

    Miiverse -
    Yes, it's true. The Miiverse stage for Smash 3DS and Wii U has been confirmed. I imagine this would mean realtime Miiverse updates relating to Smash Brothers in the background while you fight, with the Miiverse theme playing. I also believe the Omega form will probably remove the live updates, if you prefer fighting without many distractions.

    Confirmed Modes:

    Tournaments -
    If anyone watched the 50 fact extravaganza, you would know that tournaments, just like in the previous two (excluding 64 of course) would be available in Smash Wii U, but not upon release. We were told we had to wait, which makes me think this will be coming in the Spring with Mewtwo. Online tournaments in Smash? I can't wait!


    Characters that could have a place in Smash:

    Rayman -
    I've said this before in a post on the Smash Bros. subforum, but I will say it again here. It's simple. The hype was positive. Yeah, the leak was faked. But obviously Nintendo has already credited Rayman with an in-game trophy, meaning that regardless of who is the real creator of Rayman, it can still happen. Solid Snake is a Konami character, and he made an appearance in Brawl. Megaman is a Capcom character and Pacman is a Namco character. Don't act like it can't happen. It makes complete sense.

    Captain Toad - Though unlikely and a rumor that existed in Melee for years (just regular Toad though), Toad has always been a very under-credited character in the Mario series, and has only had 2 games where he was the main star (Wario's Woods being the first). But recently, he's been getting more and more attention. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker did extremely well on the Wii U console, with the innovative and unique game play, starring what seems to be one of the most loved characters in the Mario series now: Captain Toad. So while you can argue that he doesn't really fight and it would be unlikely, I still think this would sell largely.

    Dixie Kong - Also an under-appreciated member of Nintendo (well, the Donkey Kong series really), it would make sense to put more members of Donkey Kong into the Smash series. Whether it be Cranky or Funky or Dixie, I know one of these days that another member of the DK Family will be joining the game. It's only a matter of time.

    Phoenix Wright - Nintendo has two main markets: Japan, and North America. So it would make sense to put characters that are popular in both countries, right? And Capcom is already on board with Megaman, so why not Phoenix Wright? There could be so many hilarious moves, like Objection just stops a final smash dead in its tracks, but only usable once per match. His final smash could also be like an interactive thing. Like there are two sides, the innocent and the guilty, and it keeps swapping for a few seconds, and whoever is on the guilty side of the stage gets dealt a mass amount of damage. It's a possibility!

    Zero - Again, Capcom is on board, so it would make complete sense to add Megaman's counterpart. And if not as an entirely new character, then at least as a new skin for Megaman, with his own noises and taunts and such, like the Koopalings.

    Ms. Pacman - This is another one of those characters that was a spinoff, and underappreciated. But don't count her out just yet. Let's look at our current roster, shall we? I see Dark Pit, and I see Dr. Mario. Could there be room for Ms. Pacman? Maybe. But I imagine she would only be a skin, if available at all. But once again, you never know!

    Walugi and/or Daisy - Let's be real for a second: I know that these characters aren't main characters of the series really, and that they only appear in sports games and Mario Karts. But why haven't they been put in Smash? Daisy has appeared as a recolor for Peach since Melee, and Waluigi appears as a recolor for Luigi in SSB4, so why don't they just put them in Smash already? I admit Daisy's moveset would be fairly similar to that of Peach's, but Waluigi could have a completely different moveset from Wario.


    Stages that could fit with these characters:

    A Raving Rabbids stage -
    Come on, they're so cute! It could be like a Rabbids theme park sort of thing, like the board/party game they have out. If not, at least make them in to an assist trophy. If Rayman comes, expect something relating to the Rabbids as well.

    A Captain Toad cave - While he doesn't explore too many caves, it would make sense to have a stage where visibility is limited, and the only one that would have a brighter light and more visibility would be Captain Toad, because he has a visor on his head. I also believe with Toad in Smash that Toadette would become an Assist Trophy.

    The Courthouse - A trial could be going on in the background as you fight. It could also be interactive with Phoenix's final smash that I talked about.


    Thank you for reading my ideas. Who do you think belongs in Smash and why? What stages would you like to see? How about new items? Let me know below!

Recent Comments

  1. Largoe818
    We actually had a lot in mind I also wondered why they didn't add mew two to the game I remember when he came out for the first time it's was pretty exciting..maybe they just did that cuz they hate us and want us to pay to have him.rayman is a good one I didn't think of that one and I would and can see him in this game.zero has been one of my all time favorites of all time but I wouldn't want him to have the same fighting style as mega man. And just like dark pit there can be dark zero...damn I just blew my mind
  2. bernardowho
    Mrs. Pac-Man? We really don't need a another clone in Smash Bros. Plus, I think that Pac-Man sucks. Sorry, but he needs to go. As well as Little Mac. I don't know, he just annoys me... But I mean, not a bad list. I would love to see Phoenix Wright! But maybe people won't agree with me. Can't wait for Mewtwo though!!!
  3. Megalegacy98
    Layton? No. And Captain Toad can't jump. Like SuperMii said there s too much 3rd party.
  4. NIN10
    Ideas are not Bad, although, quite possibly bayonetta, shantae, sceptile, or
    Maybe king hippo or krystal and king k. Roll would be cool
  5. T-Player Guy
    T-Player Guy
    I'd say some of these newcomers can wait,with the probale exception of Rayman,and we already got too many Mario characters in the current roster,and for me,Professor Layton would make more sense than Phoenix for now.Sure,he did appear in UMVSC3 as playable,but I guess the "only one character per 3rd party company and franchise" is still valid here.I'm sorry,but I guess some of these ideas might only see the light of day in possible future Smash games.
  6. SuperMii3D
    Too much 3rd Party. Rayman is pushing it, putting in a Pacman clone is going off a cliff. Megaman is probably going to be the only Namco rep, and I wouldnt see it any other way. Captain Toad would be cool though. Adding Daisy to the roster would be another Mario character, so there would be much complaining there. Waluigi.... Waluigi is an assist trophy....
  7. skinick25
    These are all great ideas, which I'd love to see! Even though they probably would never happen, it still is fun to just wonder if...
  8. Magik
    Started to lose me at Phionex, and Nintendo is being way to nice if they are getting Rayman into the game with the way Ubisoft has treated Nintendo, so Rayman Rabids want work. Caotain Toad is pushing it too, but a stage for him isn't out of the question either.