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Videos That Give Me a Warm Fuzzy Feeling :3

Seriously, they're so adorable.

  1. Warbird
    Video #1: If It Fits, I Sits: The Supercut

    Video #2: Bao Bao's First Snow Day!

    Video #3: Bunnies can fly...proof
    Hint: I may have lied about the warm fuzzy feeling part here, but at least it's a fuzzy bunny right? :giggle:

    Why I like Video #1:

    • I just really love the song from it.
    • Adorable cats!
    • Adorable cats trying to fit in small places.
    • Adorable cats!
    My math teacher showed me this video last year..that's probably a reason I shouldn't like it, but I do anyway. :cat:

    Why I like Video #2:

    • Adorable Pandas!
    • At least they aren't depressed pands > :panda:
    • I love snow, winter, and pandas. Plus, he's so cute!

    Why I like Video #3:

    • Flying bunnies!
    • No seriously, did you see that? That bunny went sky high.
    • It's 100% real. And they laughed. LOL I would probably laugh out of disbelief too.

    Thanks for watching/reading. :cat:

Recent Comments

  1. Spinnerweb
    :giggle: Nice. I think you'll love The Duck Song video. :D