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Games I own, want, and enjoy

The title explains it , really

  1. spagooti
    This is a very .. Medium long, description of games I own, the games I want are just gonna be a short list .
    I'll start with this

    - Super Mario 3D World :
    A very short, yet challenging game, that puts you to the tip of the iceberg when Peach is (obviously) taken away by Bowser. You as Mario are chosen to save Peach. This is sometimes a hard task, at some points an easy one. It doesn't really matter does it? It's a good game overall.

    - Fantasy Life : This game is an intense / casual game for any time of gamer. The game lets you choose what you want to do first (Bliss, quests, etc). Practically you are a newborn hero getting your first life. You meet a kind-hearted Butterfly and befriend her. Everything is well until stones start falling from the sky. P.S if anyone owns this game and wants to online shoot me a pm ! :p

    - Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds 3D : This game starts you off as, well, the hero yet again 'newborn' as I said above in the Fantasy Life review description thingy up there. You start off just plainly being a blacksmith that regularly sleeps in, maybe Link has sleeping problems because he was sleeping in in Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time too! Well in this game you have to battle a boy/girl named Yuga that can turn people into paintings, on accident she gives you the ability to turn into a painting or merge into a wall. He/she tries to summon Ganon by collecting all the Seven Sages as paintings to .. Summon Ganon ! This is getting too long :sorry:

    - Super Smash Brothers 4 (3DS) : In this game you go off collecting Assist Trophies, Characters, and coins as you battle your way through Classic Mode, of course you can use Solo which isn't Classic, but you need to unlock characters through Classic first. In this game you can take a leisurely stroll through the music, or an intense For Glory battle that will leave you raging! You also have Smash Run which leaves your character of choice running and battling characters to get Power-Ups which when the entire Running thing ends you have an 'Epic Final Battle'. After battle (any battle) you may get a challenger approach. This challenger approach is usually if not every time a character you do not have unlocked. If you defeat it then you unlock it.

    - Animal Crossing New Leaf : This game is a casual game for all ages, young and old. You arrive at a train to pick your Town Name, Face, and Name. Once you step off the train you unwillingly become town mayor! After a bit of talking with the townsfolk and doing simple tasks the villagers ask for you to do, Isabelle tells you that you need to get an approval rating from the citizens of -insert town name-. Once completed you then are officially mayor of your town. You can set out Public Work Projects and Ordinances for your towns happiness. I'll leave you at that.

    This is getting pretty long. Here's the list of what I want
    Harvest Moon The Lost Valley.
    That is all.

Recent Comments

  1. dragonslayer5567
    It explains more than one game. I like that :)
    1. spagooti
      Blogger's Response
      Thank you! :D my first time actually trying.
  2. Luxis13
    This isinteresting, now i am curious about fantasy life too, also liked how wrapped up the legend ofzelda a link between worlds was, also wish ya luck on getting your harvest moon game. owo/
    1. spagooti
      Blogger's Response
      You should absolutely get Fantasy Life! It's a great game that is very casual and kind . Yes a game is kind.
  3. dominiquet
    awesome i am thinking about getting fantasy life what is about
    1. spagooti
      Blogger's Response
      I pretty much just summed it up unless you want spoilers.
  4. Artisan
    Love how you described the games. They sound entertaining as well as amusing.
    1. spagooti