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That dream I just had was trolly

The trolly dream of life

  1. spagooti
    I had a dream last night like normal but it was a nightmare that I didn't know it was until the very end o-o

    Okay so it started like I moved since we've been talking about moving a lot, it was a good house, blah blah happy things happen, and I take a picture on my iPad outside with this dog in the background inside a house 0-0, and the dog was forced to smile. Like it was posing and crap. So I thought "oh my gawd it's a talented dog I should go over thurr" and I went over there and the house has been abandoned for like 50 years. Then I happened to go inside through a window, and it re -fixed itself o-o odd dream. So this is where the end starts,

    Okay so I went inside and the 'dogs' were actually aliens that looked like dogs from far away, I went inside and all of them were chasing me, I ended up finding a door that 'went out' and I went 'out' and the town was dead, so I walked back in and through the other window I came in through and it was fine, like two dimensions.. Obviously my brain thought it was the future in the door, I found out the aliens weren't violent and stuff and so I went to the 'future' and It was like the underworld, everyone was burning except me. When I woke up I thought about it, and I haven't been seeing or thinking anything bad to cause this dream, if so, then the theory that your thoughts and actions cause your nightmares/dreams isn't true. I haven't been scared in a good amount of months, and I highly doubt the thought that someone could stab me in a dream and it is to mark something that will / might happen. Though once I had a dream that I was shot in and that part of my body hurt the day, I still disbelieve this. I could have been growing or something. But let's say for one second, okay, you believe that dreams are from your actions/friends/family/...spirits and OMG there is a ghost that kills you in your dream. Then you think oh my lord I'm gonna die by ghost. Then your entire life is spent worrying, and nothing ever happens ghost related. Boom, you just ruined your life, I'm not trying to say someone like that is stupid as you are entitled by your own opinion by law, but I am just warning people that do because that means one nightmare could completely ruin your life. I'm sorry if this made you sad or mad or creeped out in any way, I'm just trying to prove a point. Thank you for reading


Recent Comments

  1. Spinnerweb
    I love weird dreams :D
    1. spagooti
      Blogger's Response
      Me too! It shows how fearless you are in nightmares too. That's why I didn't notice it was a nightmare.