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If Amiibos Came to Life

What would happen...

  1. MasterofBasics
    EDIT: 7/17/2016 I know no one will (probably) not see this, but this was made for fun!

    Hello everyone! EnderLord here with another story! :D This one is about if amiibos came to life! Hope you enjoy! Once upon a time, there was a young boy who was a big fan of amiibos. Every night when everyone was asleep. The amiibos came to life and haunted the house. They would scare the dog, mess up the house, and mess with the boys stuff. They would turn back at dawn and come back to life at dusk. One night, the boy was staying up, then the amiibos came to life!!! The boy grabbed them all just in time and they used their smash custom moveset to attack him! He threw all of them in the garbage. He then hated amiibos forever. But thats not the end. The amiibos climbed out! They ran to Crazy Hand's house to tell him. And he went over to the little boys house and wrestled him. Then his parents woke up and got scared. So they banned him from video games for 10 months. He cried all day long. But he thought of a secret plan that would work... The boy had 50 friends! If they worked together, they could win against the amiibo army. So he called all his friends to come on Saturday at 8:00 pm. They came that time. The amiibos came to life, and they wrestled each other. Of course, humans were stronger, so the amiibos got tired and all the kids threw them away and restored all the damage they did. His parents were so happy they unbanned him. And he now hated amiibos. He never bought one ever again. The End. I hope you enjoyed this story and please leave an idea of what story I should do next please! Thanks for reading, and have a great day! :D

Recent Comments

  1. Derplink_:3
    I liked it since it sounded funny, but I wish that the amiibos we're cool and all instead of cause havoc. Like they would play Smash against the boy and they all have a good time and stuff :D
    1. MasterofBasics
      Blogger's Response
      They were evil because the boy was young so he was so scared of them he threw them in the garbage and that made the amiibos like: "This boy is evil! We have to defeat him!".
  2. Nanamine
    If amiibo came to life at night I would have a problem. x2 Villager amiibo ;-;
    1. MasterofBasics
  3. KooleoKun
    nice story but un expected mystery..
  4. FirstSerpent
    ...What did I just read?
    1. MasterofBasics
      Blogger's Response
      What's wrong?
  5. GerudoWarrior
    Cool story, but on can not simply just hate amiibos :D
    1. MasterofBasics
      Blogger's Response
      Was made for fun XD never added a note
  6. SmashChamp
  7. Cinn
    oh wow i didnt expact that
    1. MasterofBasics
      Blogger's Response
      Never saw that coming eh?