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More phone problems -,-

My phone has another problem

  1. paceygym
    So, I made a blog about how I hate my phone before, well I hate it more now.

    Now the touch screen spazzes out when charged :D great -,-

    For Example: If I press 3, it presses 9 and 7 too :D I tried using pedia once and it typed some mean things, good thing I didn't post them :playful: I don't even know how this happened though :panda: And why it's only when I charge it.

    *sigh* I want to return this D:

Recent Comments

  1. Derplink_:3
    I don't blame you cuz my phone just keeps crashing sometimes and it even restarts all by itself. >:(
  2. Megalegacy98
    @EnderLord has the same problem with his 2DS, when he does Fantasy Life and taps menu, it starts clicking random stuff in the menu
  3. Magik
    Happens to me too on my iPad sometimes, and randomly spazzes and starts click on the screen everywhere randomly....
  4. Spinnerweb
    Kekekekeeeeeee :3 Idaho, huh? Potatoes messing up phones, huh? :P
    1. paceygym
      Blogger's Response
      haha lol, guess so.