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Why i hate my phone

I rage-quit from my phone, not games.

  1. paceygym
    So some of you guys may have heard but I hate my phone, and I will tell you why.

    1. Autocorrect- So autocorrect turns nice into mice lol into kill (i usually catch that one) then When I actually make a mistake, it doesn't bother to fix it......

    2.The f-f-freakin screen!!!!! So my screen is off calibrated, but there is no option to recalibrate it.... What the heck creators way to go there, you guys are so clever!!!!!

    3. It takes forever to charge- SO my phone takes 5 minutes to reach 1 % because it works so hard to tell you "Your phone is dead (insert derpy face)"
    literally if I pick it up it goes to max brightness and shows you that your phone is dead. Thanks for the five A.M. blinding experience.

    4.It won't hold a charge- If you set the screen to a brightness that won't blind you but you can still see then it will die quickly... 2% per minute.

    So I think I have a faulty phone...... My friend has the same type and he only has the autocorrect and no re-calibrating option problem.

Recent Comments

  1. OopaMazo
    My phone isn't that good either. I'd say buy a better phone if you can because I definitely wouldn't put up with that lol.
    1. paceygym
      Blogger's Response
      to think it was $100.....
  2. Earth2543
    Auto miscorrect is there to ruin the day man...
    1. paceygym
      Blogger's Response
      only once has auto-correct helped me
  3. Guyontheblock
    1. paceygym
      Blogger's Response
      My phone is crap
  4. Marc
    Try replacing the battery or the charger to see if that helps. My phone gave problems with the charger once. Another charger quickly solved the problem, but my battery life dies quick because I've been using it for around 2 years now.

    As for autocorrect, I don't think any phone will solve that problem. They all suck.. well, the ones that I've tried anyway.
    1. paceygym
      Blogger's Response
      me and my friend swapped batteries and chargers before, it didn't work. :(
  5. Slowpoke
    But who was Phone?
    1. paceygym
      Blogger's Response
      My phone is phone, I named him Joe