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My SSB-4-3ds Journal : 2014/11/02

Day 4 of my SSB-4-3DS Journal

  1. 3dsatackman
    2014/11/02 : Today I: Did some lvl 8 smash training against a black kirby, some of you may know who this is :panda:. then i did a smash run and got a ton of stuff: 2 new moves 1 for little mac and one for mario, a lvl 4 spinning sword item, 2 trophys i had 1 though but the other i did not. After that i did a bunch of smash battles with @Marc he beat my a lot the final score was i think 6-14. The first battle laged and then cut out the next ones were ok but then on the 4th i think it was i kept slipping. Well that is all for today.