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My SSB-4-3ds Journal : 2014/11/03

Day 5 of my SSB-4-3DSjournal

  1. 3dsatackman
    2014-11-03: I am going to be post what i did the next day so i get it all in.
    OK so today i did a lot of stuff, I first of all checked the conquest to see who won and it was greninja i had put 6 points on him/it so i got 1000 coins. Then i went to the trougy shop and got all the trophys there. After that i did smash ru 13 times xD i got i think 10 new attacks and tons of items like fast boots ect. And then i battled a friend of mine a couple of times the final score i think as 10-11 i lost but it was close. well that is what i did see you tomorrow.

Recent Comments

  1. Magik
    You should that's all you did? Lol, sounds like a fun day!
    1. 3dsatackman
      Blogger's Response
      I might have done a few more battles here and there :P