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Nano Assault EX Review

My review of Nano Assault EX.

  1. jamesnail12
    Sort of wandering away from my Pokemon reviews, and if this turns up okay, well, then I will probably start reviewing more games.
    First, I will be changing up my review system, since this isn't Pokemon. It can't be starters/storyline/legendaries/extra features for these kind of games; it will have to be gameplay/storyline/extra features/price. Enjoy!
    First, the gameplay. The gameplay is very good, my only complaint is that, while exploring a synapse, you cannot save after making it past each area. I am currently stuck at the second synapse because of this, even though it is not ground breaking.
    Gameplay rating - 4/5
    Next, the storyline. I do not even need to describe this, if you play the game. It is AWESOME. You are stopping a bunch of cells and stuff, with awesome side weapons (R trigger) and, free movement over the cells. Amazing.
    Storyline rating - 5/5
    Next, the extra features. The Boss Rush mode really adds some spice to the game, especially after beating it. Survival mode is just plain awesome. You get to survive on your own. Just awesome. There needs to be a multiplayer co-op mode, where there are 2 ships on-screen, one yours, one your partner's, and you tag-team a level of the leader's choice. The Arcade mode is rather interesting, and I have no complaint there. But, no multiplayer, so automatically loses 1 star.
    Extra features rating - 4/5
    Next, the price. It cost about $10 USD on the eShop, and it cost about $7 USD when buying it with the discount that happened a few days ago. Not too bad, considering all the content.
    Price rating - 4/5
    Overall rating - 17/20 - Highly Recommended