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Pokemon FireRed Review

My review of Pokemon FireRed.

  1. jamesnail12
    So, here goes for yet another Pokemon game review, Pokemon FireRed.
    First, the starters. I have not much to say here, especially since FireRed is a remake of the original Red and Green games. But, Charmander learns Metal Claw at level 13, and Squirtle and Bulbasaur both learn a super-effective move before reaching Brock, so I'd say the starters are okay.
    Starter rating - 4/5
    Next, the storyline. The fact that this storyline progresses so slow is just annoying. There is a small stretch where you have to get past the first gym to get your running shoes, but other than that, it's pretty good. Also, there is not enough Team Rocket!!!!! Too few Team Rocket members, and too many spoilers for other cities. Like, one grunt says, "There is no secret button behind a poster in the game corner! Don't go looking!" What did this guy want, for us to go look for it? Still, you get to catch Ditto early on, to help with breeding, and you can also obtain a Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan in the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City. They are at level 25, and you must beat the dojo master, you do not need to beat all 4 of his apprentices as well, contrary to popular belief.
    Storyline rating - 5/5
    Next, the legendaries. There are only 5 obtainable legendaries without events, and those are Raikou (if you chose Squirtle), Entei (if you chose Bulbasaur), and Suicune (if you chose Charmander), Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, and Mewtwo. The legendary dog that you get is reliant upon your starter choice. Bulbasaur for Entei, Charmander for Suicune, and Squirtle for Raikou. Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos can be cought at Mt. Ember, Seafoam Islands, and the Power Plant, respectively. You normally catch Articuno first, as he is the first you can come across. Next, Moltres. Lastly, you normally go back and catch Zapdos last, as you probably forgot to catch him earlier. Mewtwo is available post-game and post-pokedex, so you MUST have caught 60 species or more to continue. You then must go and recover a Ruby and a Sapphire, from Dotted Hole and Rocket Warehouse, respectively. The guy in front of Cerulean Cave will be gone, and you can go inside and catch Mewtwo. Beware, lots of level 64/58/55 Pokemon, including Wobbuffet; so have your Dark-types ready with their special Dark-type moves. Not enough non-event legendaries; event legendaries include Jirachi, Deoxys, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Mew, and Celebi.
    Legendary rating - 4/5
    Next, the extra features. There were hardly any extra features in this game; none that I found. The Trainer's Tower was about the best you were going to get. Nothing much after that. So in this area, FireRed completely bummed out on me. I was really hoping for some more.
    Extra features rating - 1/5
    Overall rating - 14/20 - Recommended for first-time Pokemon players

Recent Comments

  1. Chibi Asriel
    Chibi Asriel
    You must also remember,these we're the first remakes of a pokemon games,and Gamefreak didnt want to add to much new stuff to ruin the Original Pokemon Red&Blue(Green JP),extra features don't really matter,The Sevii Isles we're enough for me,they gave you a chance to catch the johto pokemon,and the legends we're a nice reasonable level to catch them at...after all,The Originals...we're just plain hard
    1. jamesnail12
      Blogger's Response
      I know that this comment is like, a year old, but still going to answer it. These were the first remakes, but by now Nintendo has some experience in the form of R/S/E and G/S/C and whatever other games came out by now. They developed the Pokemon formula around then, so FR/LG has this formula to work off. Nintendo still didn't use the formula, so that's why I gave them a lesser rating.