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Pokémon stories pt 1

Stories inspired by pokémon. This first one is inspired on Magicarp.

  1. PersonSP
    Hi y'all!

    Remember my story shop? In this blogseries I will post short stories inspired on pokémon. While they are inspired on pokémon they can also be read without knowing anything about pokémon because the are primarily stories.Unlike my previous storythread these are free to read (though donations are always appreciated). Please reply with your favourite pokémon or just any pokémon you would like a story about. I'm kicking of with the lord of all pokémon; magicarp.:D

    Magicarp. Day in day out he was beaten. Outrun. Trampled. And though he tried his absolute hardest to close his eyes to the fact that he was a perfect failure, the water always reflected his image. Short but with a fairly broad waist, and thick straw like blond hair above his far too wide eyes. He bore in mind he was nothing, and all his resistance to this fact would get him nowhere, yet he did not give up. He could not give up. Now looking down all the way from the towering building to the water below, he felt the inability to end it. He had to continue. For what purpose he did not know. He stepped back from the edge and slowly backed away. He would resist another day. It was not in his blood to give up. A hard push in his back woke him from his shimmering sleep state. “Ouch! Hey ugly, you touched me!” A tall boy, broad shouldered with an eerie smirk had hit him in the back. “Well? Ain’t cha gonna say something?” A slender girl stepped out of the door. “I did not touch you. You pushed me.” he answered enraged. No effect. As usual. He should not speak, it was of no use. But as he endured their kicks and taunts another time he felt a change. As if the water down below reached upwards and grabbed him. But his vision was fading to black already as he saw them turning around. Another surge of…what? He shivered, his face went blue and he let out a cry. “What’s it pukeface, up for some mo-wha-“ The girl spoke as she tuned once more. He wore a strange wide smile. His eyes had changed from a dull grey to blood red. No one would leave the building.

Recent Comments

  1. Earth2543
    Magikarp fun fact: in Chinese (or Japanese Im not sure) folklore a carp that jump up a waterfall 3 times become a dragon (Thai culture tied closely to Chinese so I heard of these sometime before)
    mayne that is also a reason Magikarp evolve at levels 30
    1. PersonSP
      Blogger's Response
      Jup, I know, the story is pretty well-known all over the world. :) It's a really motivating myth. I didn't know Tai Culture was so related to Chinese though, I though they were quite different.
  2. Tri-force64
    Nice story! I like the cliffhanger st the end. It gives the reader room to make their own guesses on what happened next. Your next story? Maybe it could be about... Bagon! I'd like to see a Bagon's perspective on life, and dealing with it's temporary inability to fly, making it's dream hard to achieve.
    1. PersonSP
      Blogger's Response
      Thanks! ^^ I tend to keep the end open so the reader has to guess, it allows more freedom to the user. Right now the suggestions I've heard are Bagon an Gardevior so I suppose they'll be next. :)