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Pokemon Sun/Moon: Adventures in Kanto. Chapter 2

Second chapter: Arrivals.

  1. Ace
    The morning shone its blinding light to Lillie's eyes. She used her hand to shield her face from
    the harsh sunlight. "Mother, are you awake?" she asked, surpressing a yawn. Lusamine started to
    shift from under the covers, she may have just woken up.
    "Mmm... What is it Lillie?" she mumbled. "Did you have a bad dream?"
    "What? No. What time is it?"
    "It's... after seven." Lusamine answered. "We're probably close to Kanto now." With a burst of
    energy, Lillie threw off her covers and rushed outside their room. "Lillie? H- hey!" Lusamine
    yelped. Lillie could hear her stumbling after her. We're almost there. she thought in stride.
    I Have to see it.

    Lillie ran outside with energy behind her steps. She catches the hand railing, to not go over it.
    When she looked up, she saw a large shape in the distance. It just had to be the Kanto region.
    Seeing it before of her was unlike anything she saw in Alola. It was much bigger than she had
    ever imagined it to be. It was about as big as all of Alola, but that it was connected to a
    seperate region made it look much larger. Cinnabar island could be seen from where she stood.
    Its volcano breathed thick white clouds that traveled skyward; adding a smokey scent to the
    salty air. We made it... We're in Kanto! she thought in amazement. Lusamine eventually caught
    up to Lillie, panting from her own sprint.
    "Huff... Lillie... Don't hurry off like that." she gasped.
    "I'm sorry, mother." Lillie said sheepishly.
    "... It's alright." Lusamine reasured her. "Let me catch up next time, I did just wake up."
    Lusamine looked at Kanto with the same wonder in her eyes. "We-... This is Kanto? It's much
    bigger than I thought it would be."

    It wasn't long before the ship finally stopped at the docks. Lillie stepped outside the first
    oprotunity she got. They docked in Vermilion city, a portside city that trades and recieves
    their goods from other regions. Lillie inhaled the salty air with renewed vigor, this will
    be the start of many things for her, and Lusamine. "Hey Lillie?" Lusamine spoke. "I think I'll
    go visit the salon in town. You wouldn't mind exploring this city by yourself for now, would
    you?" she asked.
    "No, it's fine." Lillie answered. "I won't be too far."
    "Okay, I'll be at the Pokecenter waiting for you." Lusamine proceeded to the salon. She waved
    to Lillie before walking in.

    Lillie started to wander through the city, admiring the colorful sights of this small portside
    city. This place reminded her of a certain seafolk village in Alola. Everyone there was very
    welcoming to Lillie and the other travelers. She felt at home here with these people, and that
    meant very much to her. She made her way over to the port, watching the Slowpokes loafing around
    lazily. They were likely taking a break from still loafing over the water. There was an odd rock
    floating alone by the port that caught Lillie's eye. She saw this rock looked very different from
    the other ones by land. A large shape suddenly rose to Lillie's eye level, it was not a rock, but
    a Lapras' shell she was staring at! and it rose up to greet her. She reached out and gently touched
    its nose, it didn't seem to mind her contact.
    "Oh watch out!" a voice yelled.

    Something really fast crashed into Lillie, knocking her to the ground. The Slowpokes slowly
    scurried to the water in alarm. "Ow! ..." Lillie cried. She felt a stinging pain from her knee,
    she may have scraped it on her landing. Someone else was climbing back up; it was the same one
    that shouted earlier. She blinked hard and stood up again.
    "Huh? Oh not again..." the person moaned. "Are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I?" she asked.
    "I'm alright." Lillie answered. "It's just my knee." The girl lends a hand to help Lillie up
    off the ground. She thanked the girl for her help.
    "Sorry about that." The youth rubbed her head awkwardly. "I shouldn't ride around town like
    "Really, it's alright. I'm still in one piece." Lillie chuckled. She takes a closer look at her
    knee - it is fine, just a little scraped - then looks at the stranger's bike: a rigid, firm frame.
    From its low form to the flames adorning its sides, it must go incredibly fast. "You have a nice
    bike ma'am." Lillie complimented.
    "Ma'am?" the girl giggles, "Sorry, I'm a little young for that. This bike's pretty cool isn't it?
    the girl grinned. "But I doubt this Mach bike is right for me. Waaay too fast.
    "Oh... I forgot to introduce myself. Name's Nina"
    Lillie began to smile. "Well hi there Nina, nice to meet you. I'm Lillie."
    "Lillie, eh? That's a wonderful name, reminds me of my favorite flower." Nina chuckled.
    "So... are you from Pallet town? I don't think I've seen you around here before."
    "Actually... This is my first time in Kanto." Lillie said bashfully.
    "Oh, you're one of those people on that boat huh? Cool." Nina's face beemed brightly. "Welcome
    to Kanto, fellow traveler. Hope you enjoy it here." Nina wheeled her bike away, she wasn't going
    to ride it this time.

    Lillie continued to explore Vermilion city for the rest of the morning. She met many friendly
    faces, human, and Pokemon alike. Fun as this was, she had to find Lusamine to share her journey
    with. Maybe she had some interesting to tell Lillie? She would have to find out when she meets
    her. She visited the Pokecenter in town; the only Pokecenter there, and entered it. She looked
    in the Pokecafe for Lusamine. She looked around but she didn't see her there. Is she still in
    the salon?
    she thought. Then she saw a fasionable woman sitting by the window. Lillie looked at
    this person closely before recognizing who it was. "Mother?" she asked in surprise.
    "L- Lillie..." she started to shrink inward slightly. "It's not too bad, is it?" she asked,
    her face as red as a cheri berry.
    "You look... Different, mother." She said. "Wonderfully different."

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