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Smash plans #1: Mii Fighters

Plans for my 3ds smash battles!

  1. Bubblebuddy77
    Smash plans #1 by
    Bubble: So this will officially be my first blog post of my ideas for smash for the 3ds and how anyone can plan what to do first when you first play!

    Now before you would even start super smash bros for the 3ds, I would recommend to find some miis first that you would love to see on the battlefield! Examples could include: Lonk from Pennsylvania, Petch from California, and maybe even Obama! I do say it is pretty hilarious watching Obama get in a fist fight, or Lonk and Petch teaming up against the real Link and Peach.

    Now, you may be wondering how to get items to enhance their fighting skills or to customize there appearances so they look like the real deal! Well, as you progress through the game you will start finishing challenges where you can get trophies, gear badges for custom fighters, (a example as how you can strengthen your miis) but most importantly, accessories and outfits for your mii fighters! I've already unlocked daisies crown, so there must be something like peaches aswell, and I believe there is also a link cap to use! Although, custom outfits and accessories are hard to get, they are sure worth it when you get them!

    The only disappointing factor of the customization aspects are that you can't use any in online matches that aren't with your registered friends. But, that just means you can surprise your friends with and appearance from a mii that is sure to deliver in battle!

    That is all for today's smash plans, If you have any questions, feel free to message me at any time. Thanks for reading!