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Smash plans #2: fighting w/ friends

What makes me mad when playing with friends

  1. Bubblebuddy77
    Smash plans #2 by Bubble: ok hello, I'm here to talk about online games and what's been happening to me recently and I find it pretty annoying.

    So I've been adding people from this forum to play smash with and it's been lovely and all but sometimes I just get bothered when playing and people spamming a taunt move that says something rude or makes myself feel like I suck as that character. I just hate it when I'm playing with my friends and I somehow launch them off and taunt "Too bad, sucker!" Once! And next thing I know they enter try hard mode and every time I go flying they spam their taunt move to make me feel like crap. I'm just messing around by taunting that, but they take it seriously and after the round sometimes my friend messages me something like "That's not how your play as that character." And I feel that isn't a good way to tell someone how much they suck! I mean that phrase is like a smack across the face towards me or anyone who has experienced being told that it's not how you play as a character!

    Everyone has their own way of playing as a character and I have my own specific ways that I like to play, but if I taunt and mess with you for some friendly fighting, don't take it seriously and tell me how bad I am, even though I'm trying and I'm new to playing smash on the 3ds. So please, if we ever do play together, don't enter tryhard mode on me for one small, friendly taunt. It's very disheartening.

    Thanks for reading! This has been smash plans and Im bubble and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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