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Sonic Forces: The Retaliation Part 5

A Sonic Fanfic

  1. Urban Oak
    "Why is it that you're leaving? What good will you do getting yourself killed?!" The thoughts ran through his head as he took one last glance at the world he was once owned by.
    "Alright, Sonic take the one downtown. I'll go for the one by the bridge" The taller hedgehog ordered to his prior self, whom nodded. As the team of two parted their ways, a loud crash was heard. "What?! He snapped the bridge!" A voice yelled, not Sonic or his past self, but a cat-looking creature. Shocked Sonic asked "Who are you?" the figure looked down at Sonic, "I'm your next problem." The feline warned in a low voice. Sonic demanded once more "I asked who are you, not what role you're going to play in my life." The cat snapped a glare at classic Sonic, ignoring the Sonic he had been dealing with "Are you just going to let me kill your superior form?" Classic Sonic shook his head, "Then help him!" Quickly Sonic snapped "Hey! How do you know that's me?!" The unknown foe responded "It's obvious, really."