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Exchange Play Coins for Nintendo eShop Codes

Exchange Play Coins that you earned at Ninten Pedia for 3DS/WiiU/Switch eShop codes. Members can earn Play Coins at Ninten Pedia by making quality posts/threads in the forum.

Please READ all of the contents BEFORE requesting eShop credit. Failure to do so may result in your request being ignored.

What are Play Coins and how do I get them? - Play Coins are the virtual currency of Ninten Pedia. It should not be confused with Play Coins from the Nintendo 3DS. At the Ninten Pedia Forum, members can earn Play Coins by replying to topics and starting new topics in the forum (more methods are listed below). Once you earn enough Play Coins, you can exchange them for eShop credit or 3DS/WiiU/Switch game download codes.

Ways that you can earn Play Coins at Ninten Pedia :

- Making quality posts in the discussion forums ("quality" as in putting thought into your post / not short posts).
- Participating in contests/tournaments and raffles in the Nookling Junction.
- Selling/auctioning 3DS/WiiU/Switch in-game content (e.g Pokemon, Animal Crossing items, etc) in the Nookling Junction.
- Battling in Pokemon X/Y/ORAS/SM, Smash Bros. 3DS/WiiU, Splatoon, racing in Mario Kart 7/8 for Play Coins, etc (eg. wager battles for Play Coins).
- Selling services (such as EV training or IV breeding services in Pokemon X/Y/ORAS/SM, graphic designing services, etc).
- Completing gaming tasks that are posted every once in a while (make sure the task has not ended / is not locked).
- and a lot more by being creative.

To learn how to send Play Coins to another member, click here and read this post. Be sure to read the Nookling Junction rules too.


- Short or low-quality posts do not earn you Play Coins.
- Play Coins are disabled at some forums.
- Padding a post with unnecessary content or unnatural-posts in general, chain-posting, baiting for chain posts and making unnecessary posts or posts that make no sense in order to earn more Play Coins are not allowed and in case of such repeated behavior may result in the offending user's Play Coins system being disabled.
- Using unfair means to earn Play Coins (such as duplicate accounts) is not allowed and may result in the offending user's Play Coins system being disabled and/or the user being banned.
- Begging for Play Coins in the forum or shoutbox is NOT allowed and repeated offenses will result in the user's Play Coins system being disabled.

To exchange Play Coins for eShop credit, send a personal conversation to Marc. Remember to include the region of your 3DS/WiiU/Switch (North America or Europe).
Note: These eShop card codes also work with the Wii U and Nintendo Switch.

Please select a region for your Nintendo 3DS, Wii U or Switch console :

United States (NA) / Canada (NA) / Europe / Japan