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Favorite Fire Emblem Game

Discussion in 'Fire Emblem Warriors' started by Matthew, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Wariomovie

    Wariomovie Wario Monger Towns Folk

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    2,547 coins
    My favorite game in the entire series would have to be Fire EmblemAwakening, as it was the first game in the series that I actually played. After becoming interested in the series from its appearance in Smash Bros, I decided to pick up one of the games to see if I liked it. Sure enough, I had a blast with the amazing mix of action and strategy, and I have been a fan of Fire Emblem ever since.
  2. TheHeirToTheMonado7

    TheHeirToTheMonado7 Heropon Riki here to stay! Towns Folk

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    3 coins
    My favorite fire emblem game I'd say is echoes i love it. I love the character designs some characters are HILLARIOUS. The fact that is was a remix of gaiden which I thought never existed until now.
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  3. GamerDudeXXX

    GamerDudeXXX The Awesome Towns Folk

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    3 coins
    Fire Emblem Awakening
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  4. Haruniaka

    Haruniaka Famed Witch Towns Folk

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    8 coins
    Fire Emblem Fates (Birthright)

    The story is in depth and the characters are lovable. The samurai theme is also really interesting from the medieval style the games usually have. Also having the chance to choose your difficulty (Easy, Normal, and Lunatic) will guarantee you won't get burnt out quickly.
  5. 3dsCollector

    3dsCollector The Hero in Green Towns Folk

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    355 coins
    I haven’t played too many of them, I’ve only beat Echoes and Awakening right now. If those I think I like Echoes a little bit more though, the whole two armies thing was cool and I liked how the system worked a little better then Awakening.
  6. Naiwen

    Naiwen I'm Not A Pikachu Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    37 coins
    Path of Radiance.